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    By futuramarama, Apr 25, 2010

    Grampa falling in love with Selma was a bad enough idea to start with, I thought, we didn't need to see them break-up almost immediately after.

    Bart and Lisa's subplot was funny in a little kid way, which does not make it seem right for this show.

    Overall this episode was just plain ridiculous, and not in a good, funny way. I just wanted it to be over when I first watched this. Just terrible I think and not funny at all, except for maybe on or two amusing lines. My overall grade for this episode is a D+ or somoreless

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  • 8.5

    Selma and Grandpa fall in love.

    By Hornets3, Sep 04, 2009

    The court appoints an accountant for Homer when he incorrectly files for bankruptcy, which results in his cutting back on all of his expenses, including Grampas nursing home. In an unexpected turn of events, Grampa and Selma fall in love and move in together. When Homer and Patty plot to break up their love connection, the odd couple decide to take the relationship to the next step and get married. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa con a delivery man into giving them the most sought-after commodity in the neighborhood: cardboard boxes. Their alliance is put to the test when the delivery man realizes he was duped. An above average episode. The idea of Selma getting married is getting monotonous but this episode had the humor to make up for it. Watch this episode.moreless

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  • 8.8

    How many times are the writers going to marry Selma? Nevertheless still amazing.

    By Iverson82094, Dec 31, 2007

    The court appoints an accountant for Homer when he incorrectly files for bankruptcy, which results in him cutting backing on everything including Grandpa's nursing home. During his stay at the Simpson house, Selma and Grandpa share a moment during a babysitting stint. Ultimately, Selma and Grandpa get married which leads to disastrous results when they move in together. How many times has Selma been married. If you ask me the writers should not keep marrying her. Anyway good episode this time Selma marries Grandpa Simpson WOW. She must be desperate. I mean come on. She can't find love that badly. Reguardless good episode.moreless

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  • 10

    I like it.

    By AangPhantom777, Dec 24, 2007

    This is one of the best Simpsons episodes in a long time. I mean, come on, you have to love the Lord of the Ringa parody! That was hilarious! Really! Seriously! And when Nelson jumped of the box-castle and said a slow, "Haw-Haw!" and then started using two paper towel rolls as sords. Then, some random dragon comes in! It was so funny! I loved the shipping company's name! "American Shipping Services" Go ahead, abbriviate it. Thats what it said on the van! It makes me laugh every time I think about it!

    Now onto Homer's plot, that was okay. I liked when it showed all the dates Abe and Selma went on. That was funny.

    Thanks for reading my review and see you later!moreless

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  • 10

    this episode was the best ever with some twist added

    By mellemiumb, Oct 23, 2007

    Homer Simpson surprises the family with a newly decorated basement, now a rec room with a pinball machine, a ping-pong table and other luxury items, prompting his wife Marge to ask how Homer could afford all this. He says he has a plan and in the next scene files for bankruptcy before Judge Constance Harm, believing that this will save him from paying his debts. Unfortunately, Judge Harm tells him that the bankruptcy laws have changed and under the new laws, he has to pay everything back. When looking though the family's expenses, Homer decides to save a lot of money by moving his father Abraham out of the retirement home and having him live with the family. The rec room now doubles as Grampa's room.

    One night Homer and Marge go out, and they ask Abe to babysit. Not entirely trusting Abe's competence as a babysitter, Marge also asks her sister Selma Bouvier to come over and watch Abe watch the kids. During the evening, Abe and Selma end up kissing and eventually fall in love with each other, and are unaware that they are caught by Homer, much to his dismay, as he wants his dad to end up old and lonely. Grandpa previously dated Selma's mother Jacqueline Bouvier in "Lady Bouvier's Lover". As is the case in this episode, Marge is happy with the arrangement while Homer is not. Homer calls Selma's twin Patty, and asks her how she feels about this pairing. Patty is no happier than him and she enlists his help to break them up. Patty impersonates Selma and Homer dresses up as "Esteban de la Sexface", a Spanish lover-type, and the two arrange for Abe to catch them kissing. Their plan is foiled though, when the actual Selma comes by and catches them. Angry at being manipulated, Abe proposes to Selma. She accepts; they are married and move in together.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Call me crazy, but this was the best episode of the season.

    By Sillygostly, Jun 19, 2007

    For the most part, this season has been an improvement over the shockingly bad Seasons 14-16. Now it's nothing to poke a stick at, and the writers have taken the show in a different direction and not necessarily in a good way; as I get the impression that the writers are young... too young to be writing to the standard that The Simpsons has set back in its prime.

    This episode was good. Really good. Sure, the plot was a tad farfetched, but it was the good old, back to basics, ungimmicky Simpsons that I grew to love, and for that I am thankful for the fleeting classic episode that the writers manage to throw at us now. Sure, it's only a fingerbone compared to the metaphorical hand that the producers threw at us back in the series' golden era, but it's a damn good bone nonetheless.

    The only thing that bugs me in retrospect really, is that Abe and Jacqueline's relationship from 'Lady Bouvier's Lover' received absolutely no mention whatsoever. Grampa and Jackie seemed to be on good terms then, and for Jackie not to object to her daughter marrying her former flame just seems a tad extreme IMO.

    There were a few post 2002 unfunny Simpsons jokes being thrown around throughout the episode, but in comparison to a majority of Simpsons eps over the past few years, they haven't been as frequent. The situations (and extremes) that Homer and Patty had went to in order to keep Selma and Abe apart were funny, and Patty taking interest in Edna was hilarious, and I think is foreshadowing a possible relationship in an upcoming episode. ;) At least I hope so. That would be hot lmao. :D Although I always thought Patty was the uglier (and less likeable) of the Bouvier twins.

    I couldn't care for Bart/Lisa's subplot though. It was amusing at first, but the whole war scene with the box manufacturers just dragged on and on, and was not funny or even remotely amusing AT ALL, and I just wish they would lay off such gimicky gags. In fact, I didn't even see the need for a subplot since the core plot was great on its own.

    All in all, a good episode, and the best episode of the season so far. It's not saying much, but if future Simpsons episodes can live up even to this episodes standard, I certainly wouldn't mind adjusting. :)moreless

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  • 9.7

    What's wrong with the new generation, this episode was awesome, it was like watching one of the old awesome episodes.

    By taipan45678, Apr 10, 2007

    I thought the Simpsons had lost their awesomeness and had surrended to being crude and 'shocking' like the new other comedies. However this episode changed my mind, it was funny without going too far over the line. The best part, easily, was when Bart and List defended their cardboard castle against the shipping company A.S.S, complete with a fight against a dragon. The Selma and Abe storyline seemed more like a vechile to get more air time for Abe and Selma, and it worked for the most part. However the conclusion seemed a little rushed, and I wish they had kept them together.moreless

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  • 7.8

    Very weird story but believable due to the great writers of the show.

    By zift88, Mar 23, 2007

    When I first read the summery for this episode I assumed I wouldn't be very fond of it, And yet I trusted the writers would make it work, After 18 years of quality writing I never judge them too quickly, Plus the summeries of this show always looks weird at first. The writers of the show made this very weird storyline very un-forced, I could really understand the motives of each character. The Bart and Lisa B-Story was great, Alot of very funny gags.moreless

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  • 7.2

    Good,but not great...

    By PollyandLeo, Mar 20, 2007

    I thought this episode waz okay. I mean the simpsons had better episodes. Its not necessarily the best episode, but not the worst I've seen in this series. I think the simpsons are trying really hard to outshow and outrate family guy (maybe overly)! The simpson are a excellent series, but i dont know if I personally like where season 18 is heading. The whole Lord of the Rings paraody waz pretty funny, but...

    The whole episode was pretty unecessary. I mean they could have done without the whole plot. Also, waz there a plot? I could not figure it out. Grandpa waz removed from the retirement castle and fell in love with

    The simpsons has more to offer. I know they'll figure it out and find their old charm that made us fall in love with them in the first place...moreless

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