The Simpsons

Treehouse of Horror II

Season 3, Ep 7, Aired 10/31/91
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  • Episode Description
  • After eating piles and piles of Halloween candy, Bart, Lisa and Homer have nightmares that haunt them all night. The Monkey's Paw Lisa dreams that the family goes on a trip to Morocco and buys a cursed monkey paw that grants its owner four wishes. By wishing for world peace, Lisa accidentally paves the way for an alien invasion by Kang and Kodos, who enslave the human race. The Bart Zone Bart's dream, in which he has the power to read minds and affect a person with his thoughts, which seems like a wonderful dream for him at first. But eventually, he realizes he has used his powers for evil and repents. If I Only Had A Brain Homer dreams that Mr. Burns steals his brain for a giant robot he's building. Due to an accident, Mr. Smithers is forced to sew Mr. Burns' head onto Homer's body. Then he wakes up. It was all a dream, or was it? When he looks in the mirror, Burns' head is still attached to his.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jim Reardon

  • Al Jean

  • Mike Reiss

  • Jeff Martin

  • George Meyer

  • Fan Reviews (16)
  • My 350th review will be this THOH episode.

    By jmbsonic555, Oct 17, 2011

  • The Simpsons continues its annual Halloween tradition with the second installment of the "Treehouse of Horror" series.

    By meathead704, Nov 03, 2008

  • this was a really good tree house of horror

    By cube2k8, May 15, 2010


    By futuramarama, Jan 10, 2010

  • A Halloween Special classic as usual, not to be missed!

    By AdrenalinDragon, Feb 24, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (30)

    • Kang and Kodos: People of Earth! We come to you in the spirit of hostility and menace!

    • Kang and Kodos: Your superior intellect is no match for our puny weapons!

    • Kodos: It looks like the Earthlings won. Kang: Did they? Right now they have a board with a nail in it. But they won't stop there. Soon they will make bigger boards with bigger nails until they make a board with a nail in it so big it will destroy them all!

    • Mr. Burns: Every bone shattered . . . organs leaking vital fluids . . . slight headache . . . loss of appetite . . . Smithers, I'm going to die.

    • Mr. Burns: Oh, Smithers, I was wrong to play God. Life is precious, not a thing to be toyed with. Now take out that brain and flush it down the toilet! Smithers: Sir, his family might appreciate it if you returned the brain to his body. Mr. Burns: Oh, come on, it's 11:45!

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    Notes (5)

    • On the DVD commentary for this episode, Matt Groening says that the scenes in "The Monkey's Paw" in which the public grows weary of The Simpsons fame and fortune was an attempt to head off the real-life backlash the was brewing at the time over the over-exposure of The Simpsons both in the press and in their merchandise.

    • This episode was nominated for two 1992 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Sound Mixing for a Comedy Series or a Special and for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Music Composition for a Series.

    • This is the first Halloween Special to actually air on Halloween.

    • List of some of the Halloween names on the credits of this special: Malevolent Matt Groening, James Hell Brooks, Mad Matt Groening, Sort Of Frightening Sam Simon, Demonic David Silverman, Vicious Jack Vitti, Diabolical Dan Castellaneta, Ghoulie Julie Kavner, Nefarious Nancy Cartwright, Yowling Yeardley Smith, Hellacious Hank Azaria

    • Opening Credit Tombstones: Bambi's Mom, Jim Morrison, Cajun Cooking, Walt Disney, Lose Weight Now Ask Me How.

    Trivia (8)

    • While reading the classifieds to find a job for Homer, Lisa comes across a job that requires experience using an ultrasonic lithotripter. This is a real device, it is used to break up kidney stones.

    • The small print on the box of Krusty cereal says "Only sugar has more sugar".

    • When Kang and Kodos' ship crushes the Jebediah Springfield statue, its head noticeably falls off. This is a possible reference to episode 1-8, "The Telltale Head."

    • Some stores in downtown Springfield: The Horseradishery, Candy Most Dandy, Semi-Painless Denistry, and Rags for Less.

    • This was the first Halloween episode to use spooky credit names.

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    Allusions (12)

    • 1967 Anti-Smoking PSA The montage in which Bart and Jack-in-the-Box Homer are spending time together is a reference to a 1967 anti-smoking ad.

    • The Thing With Two Heads
      The finale involving Mr. Burns' head being grafted onto Homer's body is reminiscent of the 1972 horror comedy The Thing With Two Heads starring Rosie Grier as a man who wakes up with Ray Milland's head sewn onto his shoulder.

    • Invasion of the Body Snatchers
      Jasper being turned into a dog is a parody of a similar occurrence in the 1956 film Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

    • Walt Disney In the opening credits there are tombstones of famous people, including one for Walt Disney with ice and snow on it. This is a reference to the urban legend that Walt Disney had himself cryogenically frozen when he died in order to be re-animated in the future.

    • Robocop The robot vision of the donuts is taken from the 1987 film Robocop.

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