The Simpsons

Treehouse of Horror III

Season 4, Ep 5, Aired 10/29/92
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  • Episode Description
  • In this year's scarifying special, the Simpsons gather for a Halloween party and exchange ghost stories. Clown Without Pity Lisa tells the tale of how Homer purchases a Krusty doll for Bart's birthday. Homer's life is quickly in danger though, when the possessed doll goes on a mission to kill him. King Homer Grampa spins a Simponsized version of King Kong, with Homer cast as the title ape, Marge as King Kong's object of affection and Mr. Burns as the millionaire entrepreneur trying to capture King Kong and make a profit from him. Dial "Z" for Zombies Finally, Bart tells a story in which he casts a spell from a book of witchcraft and accidentally brings Springfield's dead to life. The only thing that can send them back to their graves is the right spell.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Carlos Baeza

  • Al Jean

  • Mike Reiss

  • Jay Kogen

  • Wallace Wolodarsky

  • Fan Reviews (18)
  • this was a great treehouse of horror

    By cube2k8, May 15, 2010


    By futuramarama, Jan 10, 2010

  • "The Simpsons" continues its annual Halloween tradition with the third installment of the "Treehouse of Horror" series.

    By meathead704, Oct 19, 2009

  • Awesome and funny

    By Vaughn104, Mar 08, 2009

  • This Halloween Special set a new high for the series with "True" Horror themed stories, like ZOMBIES!

    By AdrenalinDragon, Feb 24, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (22)

    • (Homer pulls the Krusty Doll's string.) Krusty Doll: I'm Krusty the Clown, and I don't like you. (Homer chuckles.) Krusty Doll: I'm Krusty the Clown, and I'm going to kill you! Homer: (Chuckles) Didn't even pull the string that time... Krusty Doll: I said I'm going to kill you! (Points to Homer) You, Homer Simpson! Homer: Oh yeah? (Tosses the doll aside) With what? (The Krusty Doll pops up from the other side of the couch, holding a knife; Homer screams.)

    • (Homer throws the Krusty doll into a bag of socks.) Krusty Doll: You think your dirty socks can stop me?! Well, they are...making me...dizzy...ugh! (Faints)

    • Zombie Flanders: Hey Simpson! I'm feeling a mite peckish. (Evilly) Mind if I chew your ear? (Homer shoots Ned and the others gasp.) Bart: Dad, you killed the Zombie Flanders! Homer: (Surprised) He was a zombie!?

    • (Homer finds Barney chomping on a severed arm) Homer: Barney, not you too! Barney: I'm not a zombie, but hey, when in Rome.

    • Burns: Smithers, this is a golden opportunity. If we get him alive, we can put him on Broadway. Dead, we can sell monkey stew to the army!

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    Notes (4)

    • In the movie, 28 Days Later, a joke said by Mr. Smithers from this episode was specifically referenced. The joke (featured in the segment, "King Homer": "Women and seamen don't mix" - a pun, of course, for semen) was mentioned as being the favorite joke of the whole series by the character Sgt. Ferrell in the movie.

    • This episode was nominated for two 1993 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore) and Outstanding Individual Achievement in Sound Mixing for a Comedy Series or a Special.

    • Some of the Halloween names of the show staff, included on this Treehouse of Horror: Bat Groening, Matt "Merchandising" Groening, Somewhat Shocking Sam Simon, Decaying Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kadaver Kavner, Nocturnal Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Psycho Smith, Scare Ya' Hank Azaria, Fearsome Harry Shearer

    • Opening: Homer comes in a la Alfred Hitchcock from Alfred Hitchcock Presents and tells the audience that the following Halloween episode is too scary for younger viewers. Homer then mocks those who are offended by this show to change the channel and the screen goes black.

    Trivia (5)

    • Goof: In "Clown Without Pity", when Homer leaves to buy Bart's gift, he exits to the left. However, he doesn't disappear entirely as the animators paused the frame and part of Homer's white shirt can still be seen on screen as he is heard running out the door and leaving in his car.

    • In "Dial 'Z' for Zombies," you can see Pinchy's (from "Lisa Gets an A") grave saying "Eaten by Mistake" with a picture of Pinchy on it.

    • "Dial Z for Zombie" explains how Snowball I died. He was run over by Mayor Quimby's drunk brother Clovis.

    • The monkey's paw from "Treehouse of Horror II" can be seen on a counter behind the Asian merchant in the "Clown Without Pity" segment.

    • In "King Homer", the newspaper headline reads: Woman Weds Ape. It also says: Dick Cavett Born. There is a photo of an adult Cavett.

    Allusions (21)

    • Rescue from Gilligan's Island Homer and the shop owner have an exchange where Homer replies with "That's good," and "That's bad" a number of times. The same device is used between Gilligan and the professor in Rescue from Gilligan's Island.

    • Psycho The Shrill-Violin-Knife-Attack-Music used when the Krusty doll raises his knife is a nod to the music cue used in the 1960 Hitchcock film Psycho.

    • Famous TV Detectives Bart's magic words "Kolchak, Mannix, Banacek, Danno" are actually names of TV detectives of the 1970s.

    • Store Names Bart's magic words "Zabar, Tresge, Caldor, Wal-Mart" are actually names of real life stores.

    • Game Show Hosts Bart's magic words of "Cullen, Rayburn, Narz, Trebek" are actually the last names of real life game show hosts.

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