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  • 8.0

    The heart burns

    By futuramarama, Nov 15, 2009

    Comic Book Guy kicks Bart and Milhouse out of the Android's Dungeon for life after they make him mad. But, during a show, he is embarrassed, and he is so mad he has a heart attack. So, Bart and Milhouse take over the shop. And, Comic Book Guy starts dating Skinner's Mother.

    A decent plot, I actually liked the sub plot a lot more then the main one, but both were pretty funny. It doesn't surprise me that Comic Book Guy and Agnes Skinner broke up, there is a big age difference there, but it was handled nicely. Overall, good episodemoreless

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  • 9.0

    Comic Book Guy has a heart attack.

    By Hornets3, Sep 07, 2009

    When Bart wins a $50 bet with Homer, he and Milhouse go on a spending spree through Springfield. After blowing most of their wad at the Kwik-e-Mart, they hit the Android's Dungeon for some comic book action. But when they screw up Comic Book Guy's biggest deal ever, they are banned from the store for life. Special FX guru Tom Savini is making an appearance at the store that night and Bart and Milhouse are forced to watch the amazing gore with their noses pressed against the glass of the store window. During the show, Comic Book Guy has a heart attack and must be hospitalized. While he's away, Bart and Milhouse take over the store. They discover Comic Book Guy's bootleg video library and open it to the public for profit. Comic Book Guy and Agnes Skinner find love together, but their relationship is threatened after the police raid the Android's Dungeon.

    This again was a pretty good episode. I especially loved the illegal video tape scence (hilarious). Give this episode a watch for its comedy and great plot line alone.moreless

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  • 7.2

    it was an ok show

    By vbkzlfie, Jul 16, 2008

    Despite the title, this is actually a great episode, probably the best of season 12. The crude and gory humor the Simpsons was heavy in during Season 11 is pretty much dying down, to make way for more clever jokes. Comic Book Guy in particular is a good character, and an episode in which he has many lines was extremely welcome. The idea that he and Agnes Skinner are a perfect match is wonderful and works well, and the Bart versus Milhouse main plot is an interesting spin on a lot of Homer themed episodes, in particular 'Homer the Smithers'. good show.moreless

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  • 8.2

    Comic Book Guy has a heart attack

    By jimbo_001, Jan 08, 2006

    this episode has some great scenes with a few very good jokes but the plot wasn't very coherent. comic book guy was so out of character in that he let 2 kids run a store but the jokes are there and that's all that really matters. the very start and towards the end were my favourite scenes from the beginning with the life time ban and homer standing on bart's shoulders to smuggle them in to Androids Dungeon having tipped CBG off beforehand and the last act where they find the pirate video tapes. the episode isn't the worst episode ever as the title may seem to mean but the CBG-Agnes Skinner romance was very disturbing and this definitely isn't one of my absolute favourites.moreless

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