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  • 9.0

    Home Free

    By Peggy_Porcupine, Aug 18, 2014

    I heard their rendition of Ring of Fire which, after following some trails, I discovered The Sing Off program. Is it still happening or has it been cancelled?

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  • 8.5


    By T_VFan, May 02, 2012

    I was drawn to this show because I love accapella... it's real, natural talent. This show has all of it and with different ages and styles and backgrounds of passionate performers make it great to watch over and over again!

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    I agree that the sing-off in the best show casing raw talent

    By AndrewFulton, Dec 01, 2011

    I agree that the sing-off in the best show casing raw talent, Plus has the best group of judges they don't tear into the groups and make them feel terrible, the give them direction not belittle them

    love the show, love that talent, love the judges and Nick

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    Best Reality Based Singing Competition Out There.

    The Sing Off puts other shows to shame by focusing on one thing that the others don't: The Singing. No Auto-tune, no back up singers, no instruments.

    By AllPwrflSteve, Oct 27, 2011

    Just the human voice. The judges are well informed and masters of their craft who give in depth critiques of each groups performance that go way beyond "You we're a little pitchy." The performers are insanely talented mainly because they have to be. This is due to the fact that they have to work without a safety net.

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  • 6.0

    Decent premiere, hopefully will get better.

    By yama900, Oct 13, 2011

    The songs and voices are definitely decent. The judges are all pretty legit but a little boring in their critiques. What I really don't like though is all the sob stories that the groups have. I would rather hear more singing then story after story about how their wives almost died. I'll probably watch at least one more time but if things don't get a little more interesting, it's definitely going to be a pass. For being only a week long show, I don't see how they plan to build up the drama but if the show does take off, I'm sure we'll be seeing auditions and all the other stuff American Idol already does.moreless

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  • 8.5

    What's American Idol?

    By Benwolf13, Jan 11, 2011

    I thought the 1st season was brilliant. Now comes the 2nd season. I look back on the 1st season and think. I never expected a show where everything is literally on the line ever episode. The vocals are amazing, the tones made by the singers are just breath-taking. Every team is always stepping up their game, the judges actually can all JUDGE on the same level. One of the most entertaining shows I've seen in a while, always confident and daring to go that extra step to be a great show. I hope ot has a very succesful future ahead.moreless

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