The Six Million Dollar Man

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    Big Foot 1 & 2 Return of Big Foot 1 & 2

    By rkelly5405, Mar 28, 2013

    These are the best episodes of the show. Stephanie Powers was were the good old days. Have plots gotten better over the this was an end to an people got killed with all this blood and gore and where the good guys were pretty I must admit Steve was a lady killer. Lol! Now-a-days he would be tamed.

    COZI Bigfoot episodes.

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    My childhood hero.

    By my1sunshine, Sep 28, 2010

    I've been a fan of this show since 1974. My first exposure was the series premier. I was at some babysitter's house

    with several other kids and I remember seeing " Population: Zero " .

    I remember the

    first scene with the cop giving me chills. Then the intro. Whoa! The

    coolest intro ever! This looks awesome.

    I remember Steve talking to Oscar in the garage talking about

    opening up an auto shop. I remember Steve's discovery of the

    townspeople alive, Steve being captured by the villain. " I will

    reduce you to a six million dollar pile of junk. " Put him in the

    freezer. But what I remember the most is him powering up slowly as he

    ran after falling a couple times. The heartbeat sound affect. I

    thought that was so cool. And running with steel fence pillar, almost

    falling from the sonic waves, but no. With one last burst of strength

    and then ... boom!

    What a great ending. There are better episodes, But for it's

    nostalgic value alone, that's probably my favorite. Later, that same week, they showed the pilot movie again, so I saw that after the premere. " Day Of The Robot

    " was my next favorite episode. I remember the first year was really a

    half season long. Some episodes that I thought were cool then are actually

    pretty hokey now, but a guilty pleasure ( Dr Wells Is Missing, Burning Bright , Run Steve Run etc).

    Some still stand out.. ( Last Of The Fourth Of Julys, Doomsday and Counting , Eyewitness to

    Murder, Etc.. ( Gary Lockwood as John Hopper.. unsung villain).

    What Male kid at least back then didn't pretend to be Steve

    Austin? Didn't do the hokey Bionic sound affects, or try? I myself

    could do a pretty good Bionic eye, still can. And when you ran in slow

    motion, always, always... there was Oliver Nelson's music in your

    head. Most of the time you were doing it out loud! I have looked my

    entire life for a soundtrack album. If anything deserves a soundtrack,

    THAT music does. Great jazz, and the percussion.. bongos and drums.

    That orchestra must have had fun.

    I still remember the birthday in 1975 when I got the action

    figure, the trading cards, actually stickers. The movie viewer,

    anybody remember those?

    Lee Majors brought such a real, sensitive persona to Steve

    Austin. And the character was a great moral hero for boys. He refused

    to carry a gun. I'm not talking about the first three movies, the only

    thing I would count from there is the pilot where he shot some

    soldiers because he was scared to death on his first mission. And the

    two James Bond type follow-up movies. What was that about? Not right for the

    character at all. Majors had more of a hand in development of Austin

    when it became a series.

    And good old reliable Oscar Goldman, played by Richard

    Anderson. People talk about the Picard Maneuver's that Patrick Stewart

    did in Star Trek. How many Goldman Maneuvers did Anderson do? How many

    different ways can you take off your glasses, how slowly can you do

    it, and how many different ways can you say, " We've got a problem,

    Pal. " as only he could. Ever see the second and third movies? Oscar

    is nasty. Almost like McGavin in the pilot. He didn't like Steve at

    all. But over the course, he was like a father figure to Jamie, and

    best friend to Steve.

    And Jamie. What a timeless character , written for, and dependent so

    strongly on the performance of Lindsay Wagner. I'm sorry boys, but

    there is only one Jamie Sommers in this world. I remember her being

    introduced, and being killed. The chase in the rain. And didn't

    Lindsay almost make you feel the sheer agony Jamie was going through. I,

    and all of the fans were outraged over the death of a purely fictional

    character, which this wonderful and charming actress brought to life.

    We wrote, They listened.. ressurection. Her lost memory, ( " Who are you? " , remember that? ) her

    heartbreaking trials with Steve, and him always silently sitting back,

    waiting for her. Hoping against hope that she would come back to him. Of course, she got her own show. There was even a Seven Million Dollar Man.. Barney Miller.. in the second season.. pre Jamie. Robots, Fembots, Sasquatch, Death Probes and the like filled my screen through adventure after adventure.

    Time went by, the episodes started getting lamer. Puberty

    hit. Star Wars came out. And the Bionic duo fell by the wayside. But

    they never really left my heart. In the 80's, I was re-awaked to my childhood heroes when Richard Anderson arranged for a reunion movie. Kinda holkey... but I'll take what I can get. Best part was... jmaie finally remembered her love for Steve! A second ( Bionic Showdown, with a then unknown Sandra Bullock becoming bionic! ... and Jamie asked Steve to marry him ( because he couldn't get the courage up). And finally, a final mission and the decades long anticipation was over. Jamie Sommers and Steve Austin became husband and wife. Also, for decades... legal litigation and copyrite and royalty battles, kept these two shows from being released on DVD. Well, the wait is over, ladies and gentlemen. In November, Time/Life is releasing the entire series for the first time in any American format in a complete set. Check the Timelife site for details. The Bionic Woman will be released one season at a time in stores starting in October. And I feel like I'm ten years old all over again!!! Those shows were the magic of my childhood... and these were my heroes.



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    Steve Austin (astronaut)is in an almost fatal accident but thanks to miracle of science and robotics he is rebuilt and ready to fight crime.

    By bgabbard, Jul 08, 2010

    First off Steve being an astronaut made good backstory for future stories in the series. Steve is critically injured in a fighter plane accident and suffers a crushed right arm,

    lost legs and damaged left eye. After being given a new zoom

    in lense camera eye, a new arm with bulldozer strengh, and strong legs that let him run fast he is ready. Now he has a new job working for Oscar Goldman and the government on secret missions. Steve has to combat aliens, robots,a bionic

    saquatch, another bionic man and we are introduced to the love of Steve's life who evetually becomes The Bionic Woman.moreless

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    Very good!

    By da_dunker, May 02, 2007

    The Six Million Dollar Man was a show that was entertaining and it actually taught me about romance. I was about six when I first started watching it. I was enthralled by the action and the feats that this man could perform. He had a bionic right arm, two bionic legs, and a bionic eye that could enable him to see great distances. His strength was more than that of ten men. He could run faster than a car and he was a super intelligence agent. Along the way he meets a variety of interesting characters and ones that I have never forgotten about. There was Barney, the seven million dollar man who lets his bionics take over his mind and he uses them for his own benefits instead of that of his agency. Then there was the probe. The probe was a machine that was designed to go to space but never made it there. On Earth, it wreaks havoc and Steve has his hands full with it. Then of course there was Jamie Summers. She was Steve's girlfriend that has a tragic parachuting accident. Steve, blinded by love demands that she is given bionics. She receives them but she has amnesia. There love is tragically put on hold and it is this plot line that for the first time in my young life, I was taught about the power and tragedy of love.

    But the best of all the episodes of Steve Austin was the one's centering around Bigfoot. This also introduced the world to Andre The Giant. The Bigfoot episodes were scary. Here is this huge creature that is also bionic and he is a little stronger, a little faster and a little more vicious than Steve Austin. It is some of the best T.V. I've ever seen and it is one that will have a lasting impression on me for the rest of my life.

    I remember that I asked my mom how they did all those things. How a man could jump that high, how he could lift a car and such. It was then that my parents explained to me that this was all make believe. That this is what is known as magic. Well it was from that moment on that the movies and TV captured my imagination. And for that I will be eternally greatful to The Six Million Dollar Man.moreless

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    Bringing back old memories with the Six Million Dollar Man.

    By devilpuppy1969, Feb 19, 2007

    I like most people who are writing reviews, grew up watching the six million dollar man on sunday nights on ABC. I even had the action figure when I was eight years old. My favorite episodes involved Bigfoot or the Probe, (the machine that had the arms stcking out) I would love to see how it could be done with today's technology. Or better yet, since they are re-making every other television series into a movie, it would be great to see what someon like Speilberg or Lucas, or some other director could do with this classic. Bringing this show back today would be better than half the shows that are on TV today.moreless

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    Great show

    By Susie-Gibbs, Sep 24, 2006

    Colonel Steve Austin was a top NASA pilot, critically injured when his experimental spaceplane crashed. Oscar Goldman, head of the OSI (a government organization that develops new technologies), used Austin as a test subject for an experimental procedure. His body was rebuilt using incredible cybernetic technlogy, making him the world's first bionic man. Now, Austin works for Goldman and the OSI, protecting the nation from a myriad of threats.

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    Better, faster, stronger... Than just about anything else on TV at that time.

    By nzmadmannz, Jan 22, 2006

    Great show! Lee Majors was Steve Austin. I hear they are thinking of casting Jim Carrey as a new Steve Austin. I can't imagine it. Majors brought so much weight to that role. The isolation of the hero played out in his solitude... The fear of being a freak. With his arm full of wires... That haunting theme that at full speed could inspire a generation of children to run in slow motion... and yet slowed right down could be so haunting... When you are a child he is just a hero... But watching it again... And you see that hero is so along and insecure.. Fascinating. Majors did such a good job. Can you imagine say Hasslehoff playing that role? Steve Austin was far more than just a 'hunk'. And the introduction of the Bionic Woman with them running and jumping fences together is just about the most romantic thing I have ever seen...moreless

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    This show was growing up with me since i was a young boy.This was refresh me memories when i was saw this show again.deep memories

    By soseven, Dec 28, 2005

    I think it much better TV show in 70\'s. If you are age around 40 or > you much keep one set of this DVD in your house.It is because the story and the visual technical is a great in 70\'s. I think it can compare with STAR WARS and MATRIX that classic movie.

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    Steve Austin doesn't fly, he can't run faster then the speed of light and can't lift a rocket and throw it, but he is a bionic man.

    By TVMichigan, Dec 19, 2005

    Steve Austin (after being rebuilt due to an aircraft accident) was rebuilt into the first bionic man ever.

    Steve could do the following.

    1. Austin had bionic legs making him run very fast and leap at tall bounds.

    2. Austin had a bionic right arm making him lift a bulldozer

    3. Austin has some problems with his bionic implants when he's in the cold, but when he returns to a warmer area they go back to normal.

    I was too young to watch the show when it debuted, but remember watching it in the 1980s when reruns were shown on TV. I want to say ABC, but I'm not sure.

    This is my #1 show I'd like TVLand to air, probably will never happen.moreless

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