The Six Million Dollar Man

The Return of the Bionic Woman (2)

Season 3, Ep 2, Aired 9/21/75
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  • Episode Description
  • In an attempt to restore Jaime's memory, he takes back to their hometown of Ojai. She again begins to have violent headaches. Oscar sends Steve and Jaime on a mission hoping to give Jaime some relief. The mission fails because of Jaime's condition and they return to Washington. Steve ultimately concludes that it is he who is causing Jaime's headaches and suggests Jaime be moved away from him to Rudy's Colorado Springs facility so she can fully recover.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Lee Majors

    Colonel Steve Austin

  • Richard Anderson

    Oscar Goldman

  • Martin E. Brooks

    Dr. Rudy Wells (Seasons 3-5)

  • Kenneth Johnson

  • Lindsay Wagner

    Jaime Sommers

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  • Quotes (5)

    • Steve: (Michael), you brought her back to life and put her into my hands again. Now I'm putting her into yours.

    • Steve: I don't care what Oscar said. Jaime: And he also said that Harris is a lady's man. Steve: Ladykiller. Jaime: Alright, I... I admit the killer part doesn't thrill me so much, but I do have a better chance at it than you. I... I can tell him I'm a reporter or something... Steve: No, Jaime. Jaime: Steve, I know I'm right, and so do you. Now, you're cute, but he's not going to look twice at your legs.

    • Michael: Steve, I'm feeling a little guilty. I told you once that I wouldn't purposely undermine your relationship with Jaime, but... Steve: But you're not made of iron. Michael: No, I guess I'm not. She's just so... Steve: Hey, look--you're talking to the guy who fell in love with her when she was eight years old. I understand. Michael: Yeah, I'm sure you do. Steve: Besides, I, uh, I haven't given up yet.

    • Jaime: I realize why you brought me here. Steve: What do you mean? Jaime: I grew up in Ojai too, didn't I? (Steve nods) Yeah... and I guess you thought by me seeing the area again, it would... uh... help restore my memory, but it's no good, Steve. Every time I start to think back, there's so much pain. I have pain I can't even tell you about. I wanna look back. There's so much there - and I even feel like there's someone that I left behind... someone that I love. But that pain... it just keeps coming... Steve: Look, I understand. How can I help you? Jaime: Help me go forward. It just hurts too much to go back - and least for now. I... I think I have to leave Ojai and everything that went with it - just leave it behind.

    • Rudy: I also have to go along with [Jaime's] suggestion that we find her something new and challenging. Steve: Well, then, it's something we'll have to let her do. (to Oscar) I suppose you've got something in mind already, huh? Oscar: Yes - for both of you. It's urgent, important... Steve: Dangerous? (Oscar nods) Well, that'll give her something to think about, all right.

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