Calling All Cars

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    Tony travels to Miami to speak with Little Carmine to try to get him to talk to his father about percentage on the H.U.D. scam, Janice torments Bobby's kids, and Tony has another F-d up dream possibly about his mother.

    By MargetisMan414, Jun 22, 2005

    The episode seemed kind of disappointing and slow moving. I found the whole Bobby burying a cake next to his wife thing, very awkward and bizarre. I thought Janice stalking Bobby’s kids online bringing up their mother was f*cking disgusting and heartless! However, I thought it was good they introduced a new character, Little Carmine, to the show. This might help the whole situation with Carmine wanting 40% of the H.U.D. scam. I also found Tony’s dreams to be intriguing and exciting, but that one at the end with the silhouette of the woman was absolutely terrifying! I thought it was a nice touch to end the episode with the Beach Boy’s Surfing U.S.A.

    Grade: B+

    Ranking in season: # 12 / 13

    Ranking in series: # 60 / 65


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