The Spectacular Spider-Man

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    best spider-man series

    By Manny20444, 3 days ago

    this series shares similarites to the comics(both mainstream and ultimate) and the films

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    It was okay, but I think the Disney XD version was better

    By Raven77, Jun 02, 2014

    I think this is a great cartoon show but I also think there is more development with the plots and characters with the newer show. The show had a good run and had many moments and it was worth a watch at some point but ultimatly, it looses to the XD version hands down.

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    Where do I begin?

    By Adesthetvman, Apr 12, 2014

    This show is perfect! Every episode connects to each other that It leaves me wanting more and man, the action is just so well done and the comedy too is really funny, I love how it doesn't get in the way of things I could go on but I would probably take the whole page :) well to sum it all up, this show is Spectacular!

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    By Appo217, Oct 27, 2013

    ... it's better than 'Young Justice'.

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    By Proto245, Oct 05, 2013



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    First Spiderman cartoon I watched, still the best...

    By jamievalero2013, Jun 28, 2013

    I got hooked during the first episode when Spidey pulled at the mustache of one of his enemies during his fight with Tombstone's men. Laughed out LOUD on that one! Everything is done right in this show - funny convos between characters, great unfolding of his origin story spread through many episodes, LOL physical comedy moments, great character development of every major character in the show (including Spidey's enemies), theatrical bad guy monologues. Overall, a great show!

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    So Spidey

    By michaelkugel, May 09, 2013

    Although the Abstract drawing of the characters is not my style, I did get used to it. But the absolute best part of the series is the dialogue. I have read Spider-Man comics since 1971. The original. And the way Spidey interacts with any villain in the series makes me feel like I'm reading right out of one of his books. Example, check out his first fight scene with the Black Cat. The whole thing is classic Spidey.

    And of course the one thing missing from Parkers life and also other media about his story. Gwen Stacey. Who could forget who he loved through all his hardest moments in the beginning. The one thing that made sense in his life. This was a MAIN character!!! And then to have it taken away by the Goblin. That whole story had me so upset and mad, it took me years to recover.

    Good voices. good dialogue and good storyline.

    My last word. Bring it back and keep it.moreless

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    "Spectacular" says it all.

    By ImSpidey22, Mar 10, 2013

    A few parts are from "EvanWilder"'s review.

    There are so many things right with this TV show! As you can see, everyone, counting me, loves it!

    Characters: We have everyone in this show(Heck, even Gwen Stacy!) They're really interesting and done correctly. They were given a lot of emotion. Not a single one is hateable(Not even Flash!)! Peter Parker proves that even the nerd can get the cheerleader. We see Peter Parker's life at high school, as well. I love watching the teenage escapades of high school through the ever-so youthful eyes of Peter Parker. Everyone else was excellent.

    Plot: The plot was really deep. It was cleverly twisted and differs from everything else Spidey-related. The storylines are very addicting as well, and will always leave you with more!

    Humor: Spidey's witty lines are very fun to listen to, and other characters have humor of their own, like Flash's bully antics.

    Animation: Really well drawn! Spidey and the villains' movements are done very well. The character designs are done very well, and they're original. (For example, Doc Ock has a original costume that differs greatly from his original green and orange

    Writing: The writing is clever, original and memorable. The plot is deep(as I said before), the character depth is as deep as a endless pit, and Spidey's witty lines are funny, clever, fun to listen to and well-timed.

    Acting: The acting is fantastic. Everyone does a great performance. Josh Keaton is the absolute perfect choice for Spidey! Even Christopher Daniel Barnes couldn't top him.

    Action: The supervillain fights are really thrilling and exciting, and they're the best parts in the show!

    Concept: Just how anything Spider-Man-related should be. It's about Peter Parker's complicated life with his Spidey alter ego, as he confronts villains and life difficulties. But it's more than that. If you want to find out, go ahead and watch this masterpiece.

    Music/Sound: Let me start with the theme. Makes you get earworms from it in a good way, and you might even dance to it. The sound effects are also really well done. The voices are well-volumed.

    I think that's actually all I can salute about.

    Characters: 10/10

    Plot: 10/10

    Humor: 10/10

    Drawing/Animation: 10/10

    Writing: 10/10

    Acting: 10/10

    Action: 10/10

    Concept: 10/10

    Music/Sound: 10/10

    Total: 10/10

    This show is perfect for Spidey fans! You must watch this! Too bad this got cancelled: We could have seen Hobgoblin, Scorpion, Carnage and more. Oh, well, at least we have the 90's show that has them. Also the Ultimate show isn't as good as this, but it's at least funny.


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    The best Spider-Man series since the 1994 one on FOX Kids

    By pepsistriker145, Jan 25, 2013

    This show actually brought Kids' WB back to life after the block declined in 2006, but sadly, a few months after this aired, they got rid of Kids' WB and CW 4Kids took over. I miss Kids' WB, and The Spectacular Spider-Man, if this show had good reviews from critics, why was it canceled?

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  • 9.5

    This show is amazing, spectacular, and pretty much every other word that come before Spider-man these days

    By roweantarts, Aug 15, 2012

    It's a rare circumstance for a show to run it's course entirely, without 1 episode that seems weak, and yet that's exactly what this show does, my only complaint, and it's so minor it barely deserves the 0.5 I took off, is the huge-pupiled character models used.

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