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    Social inclusion

    By Adriennedaisy, May 12, 2015

    I have been working with the heavily disabled for over ten years. Even with low skill and low understanding they want to be included in the family. If they were playing with water while they were washing the car and little bit of spray on them is including them in an activity. I don't believe that he was abusing I think that he was including in normal and healthy behaviors. Didn't you ever have ice cube fights. You put an ice cube down the back of the shirt because it's cold . When I hear things like this episode and people calling it abusive it's just not you wrong it's social inclusion it's not treating the individual with a disability different from any of the other children . What a disabled person wants is to be to participate to be part of life and playing with them the same way is part of it and others just crazy stupid if she thinks that that's abusive it's not. Also what a disabled person wants is to be to participate to be part of life and playing with them the same way is part of it and others just crazy stupid if she thinks that that's abusive it's not . And small children will say daddy is being mean he got us wet. When did water on a warm day ever hurt anyone its water.moreless

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    Many of the shows are two to three years old

    By jk3070, May 07, 2015

    Is the Steve Wilkos show running fewer shows? The original air dates are old. On the site only two days a month are listed for live tapeings. Too bad--I really enjoyed the show.

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    Running Low On "Quality" Trash

    By IrishTexanChick, Apr 24, 2015

    I used to love this show. The "chair tossing" is so old. Please don't.

    Most importantly, I understand there's only so much trash to go around, but please stop airing these crazy chicks throwing themselves on the floor and shrieking. Your show used to stand apart from those lame Maury clowns. And if they could have more than 3 teeth between them, that's always a plus.

    UPDATE 4/24/15

    I spy something that begins with the letter C! As in "cancel". You won't be around much longer. I now stopped recording this lame show to watch in the evenings when I get home from work. Pathetic.moreless

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    my sister loved you and your show

    By reescaggs, Apr 16, 2015

    Steve, my sister has been parted from us almost a year now (april just wanted u to know how much we treasured you and your watched u faithfully everyday and i still do in her honor and because u r a exceptional and i both were and are very passionate about children and your show stands out from the rest, thats y we were and r still dedicated. You stand up and speak for all children. U r very emotional and show great passion for children. Thats y we love u!!!! Great show and continue to help put the bad people away. I know my sis is in a better place still watching you.moreless

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    Need Information

    By papounette1969, Apr 07, 2015

    Please I Will Love To Know Where I Can Watch Steve Wilkos Show On Internet I Am Not At Home And My Mom Dont Have The Channel

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    What I honestly feel

    By pquirino, Feb 22, 2015

    There are better ways to making a man right the wrongs of his past than making a fool of oneself on public tv. These people who did wrong do not need to be slammed in the ground for their wrong actions but at the sametime they should never be allowed to continue what they have done wrong from their past. It should be done behind closed doors and not on public TV. Those who did wrong should be handled privately and not on public TV.moreless

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    C'Mon STEVE!!!

    By laurenbotz, Feb 20, 2015

    Love the show! but today 2/19/15 "my daughter is a worthless mother" i was very disappointed that Steve was so quick to offer the child of the fighting parents new shoes clothes and socks, yet the Grandfather living off his pension care for the children who desperately need counseling and some material things weren't given it!? C'Mon Steve what's up with that

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    Steve Wilco show

    By trobbins73, Feb 05, 2015

    i been having to turn the channel lately because I can't take the talking noise. I can't ever understand them. They scream to much at the same time on the show. The guest seem to be so low class anymore.

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    Who is the dummy.

    By jerrywgloversr, Jan 24, 2015

    Steve, I just watched the episode of your show that aired on !/23/2015. The ladies on the show act like they deserve the way they are treated or they are not surprised that their mates hit them or cheat on them or both. I guess I grew up in a different time ( sometimes it feels like a different world ) but I can't decide why anyone would think it's . You have more self control than me. I would love to pick up one of your chair and not throw it at a post or across the room but much rather break it on these guys who have no man training and get the ladies some self esteem classes so that they know they have self worth. How do you do it and please keep up the good work. I wish there were more men out there like you. Thank you Jerry in Tn.moreless

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    Passed but loved

    By DeeDeeMcKinnie, Jan 20, 2015

    Charles williams was on your show in 2010 with his girlfriend edweena for cheating, he is now passed and all his family in Chicago and Michigan would love for this to be replayed can you tell me what episode it is so maybe we can see it on here?

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