Check Out a Gross New Poster and Teaser For FX's The Strain (VIDEO)

By Tim Surette

Apr 25, 2014

Eye eye eye! Eye don't know exactly what is going on in the image used for this first poster for FX and Guillermo del Toro's upcoming vampire thriller The Strain, but from what I can see, it looks uncomfortable! 

A little background: The Strain is based on a trilogy of books by del Toro and Chuck Hogan about a viral outbreak in New York City that looks a lot like vampirism. Corey Stoll (House of Cards) stars as a CDC scientist investigating the matter, and David Bradley plays a pawn shop owner who may know a little bit about what's going on. Why is it always pawn shop owners who know this stuff? 

And from the looks of this brand-new teaser, these vampires won't just be causing problems for your eyes, it looks like they're going after your teeth, too!

Pimp vampires throwing candy around for kids? Now this I have to watch. 

And here are two more recent teasers, in case you haven't seen 'em yet. The second one is essentially a live-action version of the poster, which makes it even grosser... in the best way, of course. 

The Strain will premiere this summer on FX. Poster via Entertainment Weekly.

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  • dimakosrou Apr 26, 2014

    WAIT! You mean the guy who directed and wrote that magnificent movie Pan's Labyrinth?! Will he be director AND writer for a show with sci-fi vampires? OH MY GOD! One of my dream comes true!!!! &3 &3 &3

  • Svanehjerte Apr 26, 2014

    Can't wait!

  • dodge_hickey Apr 26, 2014

    Guillermo del Toro + vampries = awesome.

  • ludoTV Apr 26, 2014

    Can't wait for this... Let's see if these 'vampires' can redeem the eye roll worthy ones from TB/TVD....
    You'll need to add the GoT warning about readers of the books avoiding spoilers....

  • ted2332 Apr 26, 2014

    I am really looking forward to see this show, the books are excellent.

  • klotensen Apr 26, 2014

    Pimps and giants need canes.

  • akyag Apr 26, 2014

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country..
    Bastards !!

  • darkitp Apr 26, 2014

  • MirelaPilipo Apr 27, 2014

    You rock! Thanks :-)

  • BlackCatRose Apr 26, 2014

    Thank you so much for making me see it from Sweden...I love it....

  • Visitluke Apr 26, 2014

    cross between Helix and True Blood?

  • dimakosrou Apr 27, 2014

    I think it's HELIX + WALKING DEAD. We will see a CDC team trying to figure out what's going on (HELIX), a party of everyday Americans trying to survive (WALKING DEAD), the vampires will be zombies during their first week of transformation but then they will regain their intelligence (like Peter from HELIX - short of).

  • ted2332 Apr 26, 2014

    I have read the books, its starts as a mystery then turns into an apocalypse.
    The Vampires will freak us out when we first see them feed too.

  • KeyserSoze Apr 26, 2014

    More like a cross between The Walking Dead and Supernatural

  • KeyserSoze Apr 26, 2014

    All the teasers show something that plays a part in the books. Especially this one. For those having read the book, it is a great nod
    I don't want to spoil anything so I just say that the guy with the cane is not a pimp, is a major character and kids do play an important role

  • Marburg66 Apr 26, 2014

    I've got the graphic novels & have been intending to read them for quite a while now, but as the premiere gets closer, I kinda wanna go in as blind as possible & read 'em after I have a handful of episodes under my belt.

    All I know is some of the basic basics of the concept & just based on that, I'm really psyched for this puppy!

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