The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Forever Plaid

Season 2, Ep 6, Aired 3/20/06
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  • Episode Description
  • Zack and Cody have to repair a wall that they damaged as punishment. London begins attending Maddie's private Catholic school due to her poor attendance record.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Ashley Tisdale

    Maddie Fitzpatrick

  • Brenda Song

    London Tipton

  • Cole Sprouse

    Cody Martin

  • Dylan Sprouse

    Zack Martin

  • Kim Rhodes

    Carey Martin

  • Fan Reviews (37)
  • Love it

    By hawkingisthebest, Oct 27, 2013

  • Typical Zack and Cody!

    By SLionsCricket, Oct 01, 2012

  • This really isn't one of my favorite episodes. It wasn't really bad and there were some funny moments but it wasn't a favorite of mine.

    By blondwildboy, Aug 05, 2009

  • It's funny at points. Kinda cool, if you ask me.

    By FrigginGodess, Aug 22, 2008

  • Zack and Cody accidently drill in a hole in there wall that lead them to see a girls soccer team. Meanwhile, London's father sends London to Maddie's private, catholic high school after a poor attendance record at her other school.

    By skellington8, Nov 07, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (45)

    • London: This is where you eat? Where are the tablecloths, the candles, the string quartet? Maddie: You had a string quartet at your school? London: For breakfast. At lunch, it was the philharmonic.

    • London: Listen, Sister Dominick, it wasn't Maddie's fault. I was the one who escape from detention and make us put on the ugly dresses that you wear. (Sister Dominick give London a mad look) No offense! Maddie did her best to get me back inside so I wouldn't get any more trouble. So, don't blame her, blame me.

    • Sister Dominick: (walk in with Sister Huskonenen and Sister Kim) This is the real Sister Huskonenen nen, nen, nen. And that one is an imposter. London: (pretending that she didn't know) Oh, she is. She's the only unique. See ya. Sister Dominick: (catches her) Oh.

    • Sister Theresa: Here she is. She made it all the way from Helsinki, oh Hecksinki, Sister Huskonenen. London (as Sister Kim): Let's get the show run. Sister Catherine: What your favorite thing about Boston? London: (in Finnish accent) (translate the question to Maddie) Maddie: (as Sister Huskonenen) (in Finnish accent) It's a nice to eat yummy yummy. London: (as Sister Kim- translator) Love to kiss boys.

    • Sister Dominick: I'll be back in an hour. No one moves. London: Sister, what about we have to go to the bathroom? Sister Dominick: Hold it. And remember, (look up the ceiling) he is watching. London: (scared and look up the ceiling too).

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    Notes (22)

    • This is the first time we know of that Maddie gets detention.

    • As of now, four cast members from High School Musical have appeared in the series with Ashley Tisdale. 1st: Monique Coleman 2nd: Zac Efron 3rd: Vanessa Anne Hudgens The only ones who have not appeared yet are: Ryne Sanborn, Olesya Rulin, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel, Chris Warren Jr. and Andrew Seeley.

    • This episode was filmed on September 27, 2005.

    • Sister Dominick's cellphone ringtone is Hallelujah.

    • A women's football (soccer) team stays at the hotel.

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    Trivia (22)

    • When Sister Dominick answers her cell phone, if you look closely you can see she answers the cell phone upside-down.

    • Arwin told Zack and Cody to do exactly what he does. He took two steps before the belt fell down then he fell. Zack and Cody just fell without taking any steps.

    • This episode does not have any introductory music.

    • When Arwin runs into the wall carrying bags of plaster, look closely and you can see he actually breaks the wall.

    • Continuity - It has been said London Tipton lives in the Penthouse, but this was not her room.

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    Allusions (9)

    • Maddie and London goes to "Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow", which is also the name of the school Donna Pinciotti goes to in "That '70s Show".

    • The title of the episode is also a famous show in Las Vegas called, Forever Plaid .

    • This is the second time Paris Hilton is mentioned is this show.The other time is in "The Suite Smell of Excess", where she is president.

    • Since Maddie's school is named OLPS (Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow), this is perhaps an idea of the real all-girls catholic school OLP (Our Lady of Peace), which resides in the San Diego area, with the "S" as an exception. Also the inclusion of the same uniform pattern design as well.

    • The Plaids in the 1980's movie, Forever Plaid, were hit by a bus of CATHOLIC school kids. Wouldn't it just be that Maddie goes to a CATHOLIC school.

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