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  • 9.5

    Pretty nice

    By hawkingisthebest, Oct 31, 2013

    Zack finds out he failed English, and therefore will not graduate middle school. So he tries to fake to not disappoint his parents. Meanwhile, Maddie is hired as a counselor for a camp, but the girls she must look after are viscous, and Holly from Have A Nice Trip is one of them. This was good. Kind of weak, but the good heavily outweighs the bad.

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  • 10

    Awesome premiere to the worst SLOZAC season

    By SLionsCricket, Oct 05, 2012

    Graduation is one of my favorites from Season 3, despite being part of the worst season. That being said, this season had a few good points. One is that Zack fails school and so attends Summer School. The next episode actually shows us that and Maddie's career of camping actually goes on for many episodes.

    Anyways, Zack's part was funny. He was actually hilarious and I thought his scheme during the graduation to get his name called out was hilarious. This is the real Zack Martin! Cody was hilarious and him getting stomped by Barbara was hilarious. Kurt's moments in this episode are awesome and so makes a perfect premiere. Maddie's plot also had great moments and I thoroughly enjoyed the episode Overall!moreless

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  • 9.5

    Great Start To The {IMO} Worst Season

    By futuramarama, Jan 20, 2010

    In this episode, Zack and Cody and their class graduate 8th grade, but Zack gets some news: he failed English and therefore will not graduate. He tries to tell Carey, but it turns out their Father, Kirk, is coming for a surprise. So, at the night of the graduation, Zack feigns a fake diploma to make it look like he graduated. But at the end he feels guilty about what he had done so he tells the truth, and how he must go to summer school now.

    Overall grade from me would be about a B-, it was a good premiere for the {IMO} worst seasonmoreless

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  • 9.0

    Great strt for the season

    By ger5632, Nov 05, 2008

    Graduation day is here! However, Zack found out that he failed English and had to go to summe..summe... summer school. But he had to lie his way because his mum made an effort to bake a cake, his dad skipped his concert for him and he feels guilty about it. Meanwhile, Maddie becomes a counselor in Camp Heaven on earth or hell on earth with mean campers.

    This episode was really hilarious! i enjoyed it because of its original and unique jokes. the father was hilarious during the graduation and when he was talking about the bikini girl.

    Great episode which is going to lead to a great season :)moreless

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  • 10

    This was a great episode.

    By srzeczyca, Jun 27, 2008

    This is a great episode when Zack and Cody graduate. Especially when Zack was having trouble pronoucing summer school that was the best and I really liked that the most. Zack finds out he has to go to summer school. It was really cool how he faked the whole thing that he graduated that was the best also and also how Barbara was stepping on Cody's feet and when they were at there suite having the party Barbara stepped on Cody's foot and he had some special shoes and it hurt Barbara's foot that was also funny and I liked it because it was silly and at the end of this episode Kurt laughed at the woman in the Bikini that was also really funny and I laughed at that the most.moreless

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  • 8.0

    COuld have been better.

    By AangPhantom777, Dec 22, 2007

    It could have been better. Since this was the Season 3 premiere, it didn't really give a good impression on Season 3 for me because I didn't really laugh that much. But, it wa still good. I gave it an 8, which is great on the ratings scale for But, it's not great. it's good. I didn't want to give it TOO low of a rating. So, 8 is good. No offense to people who liked or loved this episode, it's just that it wasn't very... well, it wasn't very... um, I can't find the word ut, oh, yeah, it wasn't very appealing to me. Again, no offense to people who liked this episode.moreless

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  • 9.5

    It's about Graduation. Zack and Cody are Graduation but Zack is not Graduation!

    By P_vans14, Sep 13, 2007

    It's because he fail English class so he can't graduation. He has to attend to summer school. That's a not good thing to go to summer school. I can't believe that Zack tell Carey that he is graduation. He not supposed to be graduation. Then Zack have got an idea plan for graduation. Wow, I like Zack's plan because he stole graduation clothes from other people. I can't do that because Zack's plan really difficult! I wish I know how to make plan just like Zack! Finally, Zack admit that he is not graduation to everyone during graduation party time. I really like this episode. It's so cool to watch this!moreless

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  • 9.5

    this is a average episode in the series.

    By mushroom_idol, Aug 28, 2007

    In this episode of the suite life of zack and cody, zack and cody are graduting middle school. there is only one thing, zack is not graduting. zack failed english so he is going to summer school, but hasn't told his parents. so what zack does is make it look like he graduted, but in the end, he tells everyone that he failed english and is going to summer school. i think that this is a good episode, but in most schools, they don't have a fancy gradution for the middle school.

    Overall, this is a good episode and is in reality.moreless

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  • 10

    insanely funny

    By sfviewer, Aug 08, 2007

    Cody graduates from 8th grade at the top of his class. But the end of the year doesn't give that much good to Zack when he learns that he needs to finish summer school before he could graduate. Maddie is offered by her school head nun to be camp counselor at a very picturesque locale. But when she gets to camp, she realizes that the camp is a rundown facility that's never been maintained for decades. The unfortunate kids that go there aren't exactly the ones that she wants to be with. This episode is so funny, each scene looked really funny. The jokes were so well presented, I had a good laugh.moreless

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  • 9.3

    Its Graduation from middle school and Cody is proud to be valedictorian. On the other hand, Zack tries to hide the fact that he has to attend summer school.

    By Dirk4MVP, Jul 17, 2007

    This was absolutely a fabulous way to start the third season of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. And for a kid having to go to summer school, Zack did a superb job at hiding the fact he is going to summer school with his parents, stealing one of the graduate's clothes for graduation, and how he blew a little piece of paper at the announcer to get her to say Zack Martin. I wish I was as good as that, but nope, I'm not good at making brilliant plans. The whole episode was great. Maddie goes to camp where she meets one of her enemies, Holly, and a whole lot of troubled kids. Carey has a nice new hair-do. Two thumbs up!moreless

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