The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Not So Sweet 16

Season 2, Ep 10, Aired 3/24/06
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  • Episode Description
  • Maddie is having her Sweet 16, and likes to have her party at the Tipton. On that same day, London decides to throw her own bash. Zack ends up trying to figure out what to get Maddie for her special day.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Shang Forbes

    Security Guard

  • Cody Arens


  • Donna Cherry

    Snooty Saleswoman

  • Bernie Kopell

    Old Guy

  • Monique Coleman

    Mary Margaret

  • Fan Reviews (33)
  • Easily season 2's best

    By hawkingisthebest, Oct 27, 2013

  • Great episodes with moments which made "Prom Night" special!

    By SLionsCricket, Oct 01, 2012

  • This episode was really funny. I wouldn't count it as one of my favorites but it was really funny.

    By blondwildboy, Aug 09, 2009

  • it was awesome.. one of my favs

    By ell0jell0_13, Dec 27, 2007

  • really funny

    By sfviewer, Mar 24, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (53)

    • Old Guy: I 29. (Maddie looks confused) Old Guy: (louder) I 29. Maddie: I hate my life! Zack: Cheer up Maddie. Maddie: I will not cheer up! Give me one reasons why I should be cheer in any form. Zack: Well you got bingo. (gestures to Old Guy) Bingo over here my good man! (Old man tries to go down the stairs by himself but the other bingo people need to help him) Old Guy: I can take it from here.(Climbs down) Old Guy: Awww, sorry this card is mismarked you didn't get an O. You only got the BING.(accidentally spitting on her face)

    • Maddie: Thank you guys for coming! Carey: We told you we show up! Maddie: It looks like everyone is having a great time, even London and her dad!

    • London: We don't need to have fancy stuff to have fun! We can have fun just the two of us. (Maddie and London look around and look at each other, then everybody comes in) Maddie & London: Thank Goodness!

    • Maddie: Great, my grandma is hooking up in my sweet 16!

    • London: I don't need an invitation, this is my party! Guard: Do you have an ID? London: Don't you recognize me? Yay me! (Claps) Guard: Oh yes! in that case, why don't you go along with the other London Tipton's trying to sneak in. (London looks at the impersonators and they to the same thing) Guard: Back in the line "Yay Me"!

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    Notes (32)

    • The German episode title is "Der 16. Geburtstag", meaning "The 16th Birthday".

    • Hannah Montana is also "behind the scenes" at this party.

    • Sheryl Crow sang at London's party, but is never seen in the episode.

    • In this episode, it showed that London is about 6 months older or younger than Maddie, when in real life, Ashley Tisdale (Maddie) is exactly 2 years, 2 months, and 22 days older than Brenda Song (London).

    • This is the first appearance of the Snooty Saleswoman.

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    Trivia (10)

    • In the episode, "Footloser", Maddie states that "all her brothers and sisters are pitching in", implying that she had numerous siblings but in this episode she has only the one brother.

    • In "Boston Holiday" Maddie said London had a birthday party at the Tipton. In this episode they mention she was at a cruise and now she has another birthday party. So obviously she celebrated her birthday three separate times.

    • When London's father's security is moving towards the "East Wing" you can't see any feet in the middle of the circle they form; so, apparently, Mr. Tipton wasn't in the middle of the circle.

    • Goof: When the lady is rushing the boys out of the store, if you look closely you can see that she accidentally knocks off the mannequin in the background with her elbow while grabbing the boys shoulders.

    • When Mary Margaret steps on Liam, you can tell that she didn't even touch his foot, she just stomped the floor.

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    Allusions (4)

    • London: Sheryl Crow is flying in airport. Sheryl Crow is a country singer, probably most famous for her song, "Soak Up the Sun".

    • London's saying "Hear me. Hear me." Is like the old English saying, "Hear ye. Hear ye."

    • The title Not So Suite 16 is off Sweet 16

    • The title, "Not So Sweet 16", comes from the MTV show "My Super Sweet 16".

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