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    Zack and Bailey are the WORST ANCHORS EVER

    By kylerawks10, Jun 16, 2013

    This episode makes this show a joke. One of the reasons why I hate this episode is because Zack and Bailey don't act like actual co-anchors. I'm well aware that this is just acting, but I don't believe that this is acting. So shut your mouth if you tell me that this is just acting. Zack treats Bailey like trash, Bailey is a hypocrite (saying she doesn't need something to make men appeal to her, but she goes right ahead the next second to make sure she looks appealing enough). I bet Anderson Cooper or Ron Burgundy, Veronica Corningstone or Piers Morgan would be shocked if they ever watched this crap. Bailey and Zack also fight about who is the best anchor like its some ridiculously stupid competition over nothing. Everyone else has very stupid parts as well, like when London acts like a mental freak in front of the green screen as the meteorologist and when Woody is being a mental freak with the camera. This just makes the viewer really angry. Also there actually SHOULDN'T be such thing as a knocking stick. Kirby should have just knocked the door with his hands and ignored the idiots surrounding him and Cody. Kirby is the only funny part of this episode. Curse you Zack for believing there would ACTUALLY be a pointless knocking stick. I would beat every bad character in this garbage with a REGULAR stick. Ms. Tutweiler isn't doing her job as a teacher either. She's not as part of why this episode sucks, but I just thought that would be a footnote, and to Zack: KNOCKING STICKS DON'T EXIST YOU MOUTH LICKER, SO GET BACK TO REAL LIFE AND ANCHOR LIKE A PROFESSIONAL, and to Bailey: MEAN WHAT YOU SAY AND DON'T ACT LIKE SUCH A JEALOUS HYPOCRITE TRASH BREATH PERSON.moreless

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    In order to learn how the news works, students from Seven Seas High made a news show. Zack was the host, Bailey was the co-host, London was the meteorologist, Cody was a reporter, and Woody was a cameraman.

    By becca_2000, Aug 18, 2011

    This show was good at first until Zack started to speak. I am very dissappointed at Zack( which is why this review got a five in the first place). He was an egotistic jerk. The way he treated Bailey, I wanted to pop into that show from my tv and smack him silly and tell him off in front of everybody. During the whole show, he kept cutting her off. She didn't even have a chance to introduce herself to the world. Hey Zack, co-host means that she is your assistant host not your maid! This also means this show was just as much hers as it was yours. To be honest, I only gave this show a 5 because towards the end, Bailey finally stood up to Zack and poured hot cocoa and ruined his makeup. Good for u and don't let the ego of the twins walk over you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if she would've sat there the entire show and let Zack be a total jerk for the rest of the season,this show would've gotten a 2!moreless

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    Seven Seas High decides to create a news show. With Zack and Bailey as anchors, Cody as a field reporter, Woody as cameraman and London as meteorologist, things went as expected-hilariously.

    By allyrock15, Aug 18, 2011

    This was one of my favorite Suite Life episodes so far. Zack hogs the spotlight while getting tons of attention from the girls and Bailey doesn't get a word in. Cody makes up a story that gets London in trouble, and everything goes wrong from the start. You can imagine what an out of control news set is. The episode was full of funniness. From Bailey pouring coffee over Zack's head to the green screen falling on Miss Tuttwieler, Everyone I knew could not stop laughing. I highly recommend watching this episode. It certainly was well written. The show has progressed so much that I cannot wait to see what the next episode will be.moreless

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