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  • Once, they were superstars. Now, they are shoved back in the spotlight as they share a home and a series of outrageous and life-changing events for ten days and nights that can only be described as surreal. Providing a Hollywood twist to today's version of the "reality tv-show,"The Surreal Life follows six very different pop-culture figures as they move into a house and room and work together in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley. The lives of these notorious pop culture icons and their random foils and follies are taped over a rather eventful two week period. The recipe for The Surreal Life is a simple one: take six bigger-than-life celebrities from every genre of the entertainment industry-rap music, heavy metal, feature films, sitcom, drama, and even reality television itself-and throw them together under pressure, stirring as needed. Trapped without transportation, cell phones or personal assistants, they must interact with each other, share bedrooms and bathrooms, do household chores, go grocery shopping and prepare meals together. The cameras never stop rolling, so the power struggles and personality clashes are all captured on film-along with the very real new friendships. The familiar faces for the show's fourth installment include: Adrianne Curry (winner of the first America's Next Top Model competition), Christopher Knight (of the ever-popular sitcom, The Brady Bunch), Go-Go's guitarist Jane Wiedlin, rap artist Da Brat, supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg, wrestling star Chyna Doll, and Verne Troyer, best known for his role as "Mini-Me" (Austin Powers). The Surreal Life is produced by Brass Ring Productions, Mindless Entertainment and Renegade Productions. Note #1- The house in which the celebrities reside while filming is the old Glen Campbell estate in the Hollywood Hills on Mullholland Drive. (Currenly on sale for $7.5 million) Note #2- The first 2 seasons the series aired on the WB and then moved to VH1 after low ratings and creative differences between WB network executives and show producers.moreless

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  • S 6 : Ep 9

    Check-out Is At Noon, Parts 1 and 2

    Aired 5/14/06

  • S 6 : Ep 8

    Flo's Final Word

    Aired 5/7/06

  • S 6 : Ep 7

    Battle of the 80's Hair Bands

    Aired 4/30/06

  • S 6 : Ep 6

    Tawny Takes on Flo: Part 2

    Aired 4/23/06

  • S 6 : Ep 5

    Tawny Takes on Flo, Part 1

    Aired 4/17/06

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  • Erik Estrada

    Himself (Season 2)

  • Corey Feldman

    Himself (Season 1)

  • Florence Henderson

    Dr. Flo (Season 6)

  • Ron Jeremy

    Himself (Season 2)

  • Bronson Pinchot

    Himself (Season 5)

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  • Quotes (141)

    • Tammy Faye: I said crap on Christian Television and they bleeped me out!

    • German Woman: I'm sorry, I don't like no celebrities.

    • Ron Jeremy (reading a review of Mel's): Tammy was nice like my mom... Ron was creepy like my dad.

    • Tammy Faye: Do you think I could be a good rapper? Rob: (laughs) No!

    • Trishelle: (referring to children) Not only are they annoying, but I have a hangover!

    • Flavor Flav: Have you ever took gymnastics? Charo: Yeah a year back. Flavor Flav: Yeah, cause you gonna be flippin with me, G.

    • Brigette: I'm very upset about the fact that I feel distance from Ryan. I don't feel, I would love to feel her, I can't feel her.

    • Charo: My God, I hope she don't think this is a "Surreal Porno".

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    • Mindy Cohn ("The Facts of Life") was originally casted to be one of the housemates on the show when announced in the summer 2002. But somewhere along the line she drew out from participating in the series and Gabrielle Carteris ("Beverley Hills 90210") was casted instead.

    • The premiere of this series 1st episode aired along with the 2nd episode as a 1-hour series premiere.

    • TV Guide says, "Seven celebrities attempt to extend their 15 minutes of fame by cohabitating on television."

    • Gabrielle Carteris has admitted that even though doing this show, she hates reality shows in general. Particularly she would never do a show like Fear Factor.

    • Before doing the show Jerri Manthey had already known Vince Neil personally when she used to work in Malibu years before.

    • This half-hour long episode originally aired along with the 1st episode as a 1-hour series premiere.

    • TV Guide says, "Seven celebrities attempt to extend their 15 minutes of fame by cohabitating on television."

    • While doing the show Jerri Manthey has admitted that what she missed most was her compter, e-mailing and cell phone (which was not allowed for the celebrities on the show).

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    Trivia (6)

    • In an Entertainment Weekly review, titled “Soft Core Scorn” and printed the week this episode aired, television critic Ken Tucker reviewed recent reality installments, including Joe Millionaire, The Bachellorette, The Surreal Life, and Celebrity Mole Hawaii. Among the series, Tucker rates Surreal Life one of the best, giving it a B - and saying, “who doesn’t enjoy a hearty chuckle at a celebrity down on his or her media luck?” In the same issue, in the “What to Watch” column, television critic Dalton Ross gave this episode a B+, calling it “a surprisingly enjoyable romp through the lives of seven ex-celebs.”

    • In Entertainment Weekly’s “What to Watch” column, television critic Dalton Ross gave this episode a B, saying that the cast this year is “a D-List dream team that only could happen on television. Which is why I love television.”

    • In TV Guide’s “Hits and Misses” column, television critic Susan Stewart gave this episode a 7 (out of 10), asking, “Will the group make beautiful music together, or remain a sad parade of former stars? Surreal’s such a guilty pleasure you’ll want to stick around to find out.”

    • When Chyna Doll had said that she had no friends when they went camping, we find out that she has a best friend.

    • When Adrianne says "piss" in unseen footage, the word is not bleeped but is written as [bleeped] in closed caption.

    • After seeing this episode, Entertainment Weekly’s Alynda Wheat gave it (and the series) an A-, saying that “on balance, this may be the most supreme Surreal yet.”

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    Allusions (8)

    • This episode title could be a reference to the game, "The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon."

    • Near the pool is a sign that says “No Lifeguard on Duty.” This could be an allusion to Janice’s book No Lifeguard on Duty: The Accidental Life of the World's First Supermodel, which tells the story of her life. This book is referenced several times throughout the episode – the cover is shown in the quickie biography of Janice in the beginning of the episode, and Andy mentions that he read it. He quotes the book, saying that “everything is fake and I am perfect.”

    • Bronson says, “Omarosa comes in ready to be on Dallas or Dynasty or something, with her heels and her suit...” Dallas and Dynasty are older television series from the 1980’s. Both were primetime soap operas, and both featured female characters who wore elegant white suits, tall high heels, and hats, much like Omarosa at the beginning of this episode.

    • In the beginning of this episode, Andy likens Omarosa’s name to that of Cher, in that both women choose to only include their first name – not their last. Cher, the popular singer and movie star, dropped her last name when she became famous. Omarosa’s former last name, used on The Apprentice and other series in which she appeared, was Manigualt-Stalworth.

    • Janice calls one of the members of the Sunshine Strikers "Rain Man." She is referring to the 1988 movie, Rain Man, which was about an Autistic man, Charlie Babbit. played by Dustin Hoffman, and his life with his brother, played by Tom Cruise. The movie won four Academy awards and is regarded as a brilliant classic.

    • When Janice sees that Jose is still wearing his white stockings from the previous task in “Take It Off!,” she says that he “was looking a little Village People-esqe.” She refers to The Village People, most known for the hit “YMCA,” because the group was notorious for being composed of homosexuals.

    • This episode title is a spoof on the ABC series Extreme Makeover Home Edition, which features designers and construction workers making over a house for a needy family. The premise of this episode, fixing up the backyard of a battered women's home, is also very similar to the series.

    • "Truth, justice, the American way" This is the of course the moto made famous by comic book hero "Superman."

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  • Pretty cool show

    By gracielove, Nov 09, 2012

  • odd superstars sweeeeeeet

    By minnime1992, Jan 27, 2008

  • "The Surreal Life" is reality junk for those who love reality junk.

    By marvelfan89, Jul 22, 2007

  • Everyone hates this show...but I love it.

    By HorrorFreak666, Apr 07, 2007

  • definetly one crazy show.

    By ThreeDays_grace, Jan 10, 2007