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  • Leslie:(Julie's husband/Owner of CBS) Good luck Jules, I love you, I want you to do great. Good luck to the rest of the ladies. I have 2 reasons I want this show to work: First is 'cause I love my wife so much, and the second, if it doesn't work I'll cancel you. See you at home dear. Julie: All I have to say is, two can play at that game, baby. No I'm just kidding. Leah: NO! She's kidding Les! She's Kidding! She Knows not, She knows not what she says!

  • Julie: Wait, let me just say: Charlie, my son, is only 1, so he doesn't speak, so I have a disclaimer out there. Leah: How embarrassing,, he doesn't talk yet?

  • Leah: Here's what's so funny is, I had to do my own video. Ok, I had to do my own video. I asked Angelo to do it, he forgot, he was watching some sports thing that I don't even want to discuss. Julie: Your husband Angelo. Leah: Right my husband, Angelo, and then what I love is my own daughter goes 'Good Luck, Sharon...'

  • Sarah: Don't get me wrong I love Oprah, but I just think it's unfortunate that we have the word "vajay-jay."

    Leah: What I thought you liked vajay-jay!

    Sarah: I like it better than "spotted dick"

  • Sarah: Ali made me promise if I told this story that Ali does pick up her trash now.

    Leah: Well, thank god that's cleared up!

  • Julie:: To me,'sweetie' is phoney. Like they really just want to say 'Listen, bitch!"

  • Julie:: (Talking about phone sex) If he could see me, it would ruin the fantasy. I've got my hair in the bun, and zit cream.
    Leah:: Yea, he'd hang up.

Notes (3)

  • This episode was mentioned in's Swell-ovision vs Hell-o-vision for their reenactmentat the Rupert Murdoch pie incident

  • The first minute of this episode was interrupted by a CBS Special Report about the State of the Stock Market.

  • This was Leah Remini and Holly Robinson-Peete's final episode of The Talk.

Trivia (9)

  • 'The Talk' premiered on the same day that 'Roseanne' did in 1988. Sara Gilbert stared in Roseanne and now is the host of The Talk.

  • Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini are friends in real life.

  • The Panel wore purple for spirit day to raise awareness about hate, and bullying against gay children, and adult.

  • The Marie Calender writer apoligized shortly before this episode.

  • This episode is part of The Talk's Grammy Week.

  • The first geust of the show, Ozzy Osbourne, is married to Co-Host Sharon Osbourne.

  • The episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians Kris Jenner mentions, where she accidentally gives her son, Robert, herbal viagra is Season 4 Episode 3 entitled Hot Cup of Love.

  • Although The Talk searched for one, they could not find a Same Name Guest for Leah Remini.

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  • Leah states that she hates the term "Spotted Dick"

    Spotted Dick is what the Brittish call pudding with rasins in it.