The Three Stooges Show

Half-Wit's Holiday

Season 14, Ep 1, Aired 1/9/47
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  • Episode Description
  • Environment or heredity? Professor Quackenbush bets $1,000 that within a month through environment, he could turn a low life into a gentleman.The Stooges enter as plumbers. After seeing them screw-up, his friend suggests to have all three for the experiment and offers them $1,000.The professor (along with his daughter) teach them table manners. Then comes the reading lessons.The big society party happens. During the party, there's a huge pie fight! Quackenbush gives his friend his check back and the Stooges remain the same.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Joe Besser

    Joe 1955-59

  • Joe De Rita

    Curly-Joe 1958-71

  • Larry Fine

    Larry 1925-26, 1929-71

  • Moe Howard

    Moe 1922-26, 1929-71

  • Shemp Howard

    Shemp 1922-25, 1929-32, 1947-55

  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • In a remake of "Hoi Polloi," plumber Stooges are protege's for a professer who turns them into gentlemen through environment. All goes well until Moe and Larry start a piefight.

    By BeatleMoe, May 30, 2006

  • A professor wagers he can turn the Stooges into gentlemen, and shows them off at a society party.

    By Woolsey, Mar 06, 2009

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (13)

    • Moe: Why, you petty larceny Stooge! What are you trying to, ruin us?

    • Lulu: May I present Mrs. Smythe-Smythe. Moe: Ah, very-very happy-happy!

    • Mrs. Gotrocks: Quanit, aren't they? But cute!

    • Larry: My lamb chop lost his pants. Moe: Dress him and eat him!

    • Curly: There's a hair in my soup! Moe: You're crazy, that's a crack in your plate. Curly: I never saw a crack go that-a way! Moe: That's neither hair nor there!

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    Notes (7)

    • The script was originally written with Curly participating in the climatic pie fight. However, the ending had to be rewritten after Curly's incapacitating stroke and none of Curly's pie fight scenes were filmed.

    • This short's title during filming was "No Gents- No Cents".

    • Emil Sitka's first film with the Stooges. Sitka would become one of only two actors to appear with all six Stooges, acting in their films until 1965. He would go on to become synonymous with the Stooges and Stooge-related events until his death in 1998.

    • Footage from this short was used in the Stooges' compilation feature Stop! Look! And Laugh! (1960).

    • Curly had a stroke at the filming of this episode.

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    Trivia (3)

    • Just before Moe and Larry bonk Curly on the head to knock the stolen silverware out of his coat, a knife accidentally slides out of his suit.

    • When Moe hits Professor Sedletz with a hammer, Sedletz's hands are clutching his chest. In the next shot, they are at his sides.

    • You can see a wire slowly pulling the pie downward before it falls on Mrs. Smythe-Smythe.

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