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    Let the battle cry go forth: SPOOOOOOOOON!

    By Brian_Kurtz, Jun 23, 2005

    While this may not be one of the funnier episodes of the Tick, I still feel that it is something of a landmark. For starters, we get the TICK SIGNAL!; A symbol so lame looking, that even the Tick fails to recognize it when he needs to. But more importantly, this is the episode that spawned the Tick’s infamous battle cry, SPOON! Maybe its just me, but I giggle my fat pimply butt off every time I hear him say that. We also get the first appearance of one of my favorite villains, the Terror. The Terror is a 100+ year old ex-Nazi who tries to take over Washington with his new gang of thugs. There’s also this really amusing character called the Living Ton who comes armed with a hand-puppet called Socko. Socko’s voice is hysterical and he is constantly screaming at people to “read a book!” The Terror himself, makes a FANTASTIC return appearance in my favorite episode, Grandpa Wore Tights.

    The Tick Versus Arthur’s Bank Account is a solid, classic ep.


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