Tick, The (Animated)

Tick vs. Education

Season 3, Ep 10, Aired 11/24/96
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  • Episode Description
  • The Tick and Arthur are chosen to teach Superhero School and a classroom of unlikely heroes. They must rush into action to take on Uncle Creamy, a corporate mascot turned into a evil ice cream cone who strikes out at the company who made him. Meanwhile Uncle Creamy II attacks, trying to kill Uncle Creamy before he tells the heroes what the company is up to.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Rob Paulsen

    Arthur (Season 2 - 3)

  • Cam Clarke

    Die Fledermaus

  • Jess Harnell

    Sewer Urchin

  • Kay Lenz

    American Maid

  • Townsend Coleman

    The Tick

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (10)

    • Uncle Creamy: I eat triple vanilla ripple. I sleep triple vanilla ripple. I everything triple vanilla ripple!

    • Tick (speaking to class, while writing on blackboard): Good, equals good. Evil, equals bad!

    • Uncle Creamy: Look lady, I'm not a villain, I'm vanilla.

    • Babyboomerangutan: It's okay to play with dolls! The Tick: Excuse me? Babyboomerangutan: That's my battlecry. The Tick: It's... unique.

    • The Tick: Okay, here are the ABC's of being a superhero: A is for Action. B and C are for Battlecry.

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    Notes (3)

    • In the first draft of the script, The Evil Midnight Bomber was supposed to be the original villain in this episode, but he was replaced by Uncle Creamy because of the Oklahoma City bombing at the time. The writers tried to tone down the Evil Midnight Bomber by giving him suds bombs, but he just wasn't the same so they created a new villain for it.

    • Also of note, in the style of season 3's end credit letter-answering by Tick, Fox Kids, over 97 & 98, aired short "Tick Talk" segments between some shows. They were recycled animation from the show, with "letters from kids", which the Tick (still Townsend) would answer ineptly.

    • This episode never aired on Fox Kids during the show's run. But actually premiered on Comedy Central, which was at the time "repurposing" eps off FK. Once Fox Kids took Tick off the line-up in mid-November, CC got to debut this episode, on Sunday, November 24, 1996. Fox Kids didn't air Tick on 11/30/96, and didn't even air it again at all until March, where it aired just a few reruns before getting canned completely.

    Allusions (3)

    • Rookie super hero The Flying Squirrel is a thinly veiled parody of Marvel Comics character Squirrel Girl.

    • Fleener:I would've gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling super-hero students. This line is like the one spoken at the end of every episode of A Pup Named Scooby-Doo where the villians says he/she would've gotten away with it (the crime) if it wasn't for "those meddling kids".

    • Sarcastro The sarcastic superhero bears a striking resemblance to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

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