Merlin the Magician

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    With the malipulation of Merlin the Magician, Doug & Tony land in 6th century England and meet up with the future King Arthur, assisting him in quest to rid England of the Vikings and become King

    By JMenter, Jan 19, 2007

    More whimsical than action oriented, this episode leaves one wondering why Merlin doesn't return the Doug and Tony back to 1968 after helping Arthur rid his lands of the Vikings (he does early in the episode, only to send then back to early England). Also interesting is after Arthur (and Tony for that matter) are captured and apparently tortured, there isn't one scratch on either of them, yet they display signs of physical durest. In an even bigger supension of disbelief, Dr Swain still refuses to beleive Merlin is real even after appearing (twice) in the tunnel and making him disappear, explaining the magic as "mass hypnosis", yet strangely enough, they never see Merlin in the past when the Tunnel is montoring Dough and Tony (they see young Arthur though).moreless

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