The Time Tunnel

The Kidnappers

Season 1, Ep 28, Aired 3/24/67
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  • Episode Description
  • The guys' signal is intercepted and a silver-skinned alien shows up and kidnaps Anne. He leaves behind a data card which the rest of the Project staff use to send Tony and Doug to. The guys end up in a futuristic complex and meet a zombiefied ancients from different time periods and locales. A mysterious voice provides historical detail. According to the Project staff they're on a distant planet in the Canopis system in 8433 A.D. The guys meet the Curator then escape. They get hold of Ann before being captured and the Project staff try a recovery but grab a OTT ("Official Time Traveller) instead. He grabs the Time Tunnel's time/space converter and leaves. The guys and Ann stage an escape but mess that up as well. The Canopians go dormant during night, and the guys avoid being drugged to take advantage of the situation. They get nowhere for a while, and the OTT is not vulnerable to lack of sunlight. The three Earthlings manage to overcome it long enough to send Ann back with the converter. The Project staff manage to hook it up in time to whisk away the guysmoreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Lee Meriwether

    Dr. Ann MacGregor

  • James Darren

    Dr. Tony Newman

  • John Zaremba

    Dr. Raymond Swain

  • Whit Bissell

    Lt. General Heywood Kirk

  • Robert Colbert

    Dr. Douglas Phillips

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • Repetitive, out-of-character, and really cliched - these episodes drag down the better stories that are thoughtful and fresh.

    By Mac-Ale, Jul 22, 2008

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (4)

    • Doug: Why us? We're not geniuses.

    • Curator: It'd be easier if you'd submit to us. Tony: You don't give us much choice. Curator: That's true, isn't it.

    • Doug: What is it? Curator: It's our time machine. It's simple, isn't it. But all great things are simple.

    • Tony: I don't get this. Doug: Neither do I, but I doubt we're supposed to.

    Notes (3)

    • Lee Meriwether is on record as saying that this is her favorite Time Tunnel episode because hers was the central character and she finally got to act with series stars Darren and Colbert.

    • Michael Ansara had previously played Hruda in the episode "Secret Weapon." Of course, no one comments on the similiarity.

    • Was part of the compilation movie "Raiders From the Moon."

    Trivia (5)

    • Apparently the time tunnel can now send people to exact space/time coordinates, yet no one thinks to send Tony and Doug to the exact coordinates of the present-day tunnel complex.

    • For some reason the alien makes a distinction between "sun" and "Canopis," but muddles his own argument. He says his people are not powered by "sunlight" but by "Canopian-light." But "sun" is a general term (like "moon") as opposed to a specific name ("Sol"). So "sunlight" is correct usage of the term on an alien planet.

    • These people immediately shut down once their sun disappears. That means they are solar-powered with no capacity for energy storage. This doesn't make sense. If they photosynthesize like plants, surely they'd store energy for use during nighttime. Just as humans store energy for times they aren't eating. Without power sources, these people can't even go into a poorly lit room.

    • Don't they have replacement parts in the future? The Curator seems to assume the Time Tunnel staff can't replace the time/space converter and he's stymied them by taking the part.

    • Why does the alien Canopis computer use "Anno Domini" (A.D.) when providing dates for its records?

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