The Time Tunnel

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  • Senator Clark: You know, Phillips, every time I check your budget figures I ask myself the same question. Is time travel really worth all this? Doug: Senator, the control of time is potentially the most valuable treasure that man will ever find. Senator Clark: Well, it's certainly the most costly.

  • Senator Clark: How did they ever get an old dogface like you out of the mud?
    Kirk: Huh. Worse paratrooper officer I ever commanded. I told him to go into politics where he couldn't hurt anyone.

  • Doug: (talking about Tony) His youth is only a disguise, Senator. Inside is an old genius struggling to get out.

  • Swain: The energy he employed could not have sent him more than a hundred years forward or back in time. Probably less.
    Doug: Ann, reduce your limits.
    Senator Clark: Only a hundred years forward or back. That means you have to pinpoint him across two hundred years.
    Kirk: Two hundred years is just a heartbeat compared to the countless billions of years of time.

  • Tony: Althea, do you believe in the future? I mean, that there really is a future for you, your children, Mankind.
    Althea: Yes, of course I do.
    Tony: And obviously you believe in the past, everybody does. But what if I were to tell you that the past and the future are the same? You think I'm raving.
    Althea: No, no, I don't.
    Tony: I don't blame you. Suppose I told you that Time itself doesn't exist. It's only motion we measure, the motion of the Earth spinning, the orbit of the Earth around the Sun.

  • Captain Smith: I see. My mind will not let me believe you. But I do believe in a God, gentlemen. If what you say is true, then only the fact that you were here will save those who do survive. I would have to consider that a miracle of God's mercy.
    Tony: In a way, sir, perhaps it is.

  • Tasaka: What are you doing here? Who are you?
    Doug: We're tourists. Just sightseeing.
    Tasaka: Nobody sightsees inside the Japanese consulate.

  • Tasaka: All this talk of time tunnels and children. Meaningless babble.
    Doug: We gave you a glimpse into the future, but you won't accept it because it destroys your dream of world empire.

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Notes (34)

  • The original pilot (seen in its restored form on Starz Action) ran 55 minutes. It ends with the sequence of Tony and Doug getting separated, with Tony landing outside of TicToc Base in 1958 (a scene they would put into a later episode). Tony gets whisked away at a critical moment, and is reunited with Doug in a dense jungle. There, they see a large dinosaur, and the scene fades out.

  • Footage from A Night to Remember is used throughout to show the Titanic sinking.

  • One version of this episode - in addition to having the first few minutes of the next episode as a "teaser" at the end, also features - after the "teaser" for the following story 'One Way To The Moon' - a second, special trailer of additional scenes from 'One Way To The Moon', 'End Of The World' and 'Secret Weapon' as a prelude to the series as a whole.

  • This episode ends with the first few moments of the next episode and concludes with a cliffhanger, a technique that will be used more or less consistently throughout the series. Creator Irwin Allen used the same technique for Lost in Space.

  • We're told the project is populated by 12,000 people. Not surprisingly, we rarely see more than 20 or so throughout the entire course of the series.

  • The season premiere simply begins with the story in progress - no opening narration.

  • The patches on the MEM crew members are also the patches used for the Spindrift crew uniforms from Land of the Giants.

  • For the first but not last time, some kind of advisor is brought in to the "top secret" project.

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Trivia (72)

  • Nobody seems too concerned about changing history and preventing the sinking of the Titanic. This is an issue that will be overlooked throughout the series although in theory it could have significant repercussions on all of known history.

  • The captain of the Titanic in real life was Captain Edward John Smith. Why the name is changed here to "Malcolm" is not entirely clear.

  • The names of the Titanic's secondary officers are also fictitious.

  • Beard seemingly hears Doug coming toward him in the fuel dump, in the vacuum of space.

  • For some reason the astronaut life-support backpacks vary. Some are two sets of bottles - the other are a single box with a decal/picture of two bottles on them.

  • When the Time Tunnel pulls out Doug and Tony at the end of the episode, their spacesuits vanish though they're still on the airless moon for at least a couple of seconds. Even in that short amount of time, their lungs should have exploded from being caught in the vacuum of space, yet we don't see them desperately gasping for oxygen.

  • The rocket that takes off from the launch pad at the beginning of the episode bears no resemblance at all to the one that arrives in space.

  • The moon has no atmosphere and therefore no oxygen to sustain a fire of the kind that rages following the explosion at the storage facility.

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