July 18, 2007

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Quotes (3)

  • Amanda Bynes (On John Travolta's impromptu performance of Greased Lightning whilst filming Hairspray): I was in the middle of a nightshoot and it was 4 in the morning so it was all of the kids and myself singing 'Greased Lightning' with John Travolta which is really surreal for me because I'm a huge fan of his and I called my Mom and I text my friends and they were like 'Why are you calling me, it's 4 in the morning'.

  • Amanda Bynes: I've seen you without your shirt Matt!! Al Roker, Meredith Viera & Ann Curry: Oohhhhhhh!!!!

  • Meredith Viera: You know Amanda, you mentioned Matt without his shirt, and we were teasing you, but there he is! (Picture comes up on screen of Matt shirtless - a journalist's picture) Amanda Bynes: Thank you! I knew I saw it!