March 5, 2009

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (1)

  • (Following the news that a guy in Turkey who was hit by a trailer truck, and the trailer passed over him.) Ann: And we also discovered that the man was supposed to be married in April, so he's got a lot to live for, well, for a lot of reasons. Now let's go back to Meredith, Matt, and Al. Matt: After that, marriage is a piece of cake. (Everyone laughs.) Matt: It's nothing. Al: Actually, it's preparing him for marriage. (more laughs) Meredith: Now, now. Matt: What do two guys come up with? Meredith: Very interesting. Matt: I had to say. Meredith: Let's hear what your wife says tonight when you get home. Matt: I'm not going home. Al: That's right. Meredith: Don't get anywhere near any moving vehicle if I were you. (more laughing) Alright, Mr. Roker. Happily married. Matt: (to Al) Want to go to dinner tonight?

Notes (1)

  • Today's guests Melody Barnes - Director of Domestic Policy Council at White House Dr. Charles Sophy - psychiatrist Folkoli - West African drummers Scotto family Mike Nash and Dr. Kevin Miller