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    Not off to a good start.

    By thefanof, Jun 05, 2009

    The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien is not off to the best of starts. I can attribute that to less than stellar guest stars (Will Ferrell and Tom Hanks were interesting, but the rest? Not so much.) But it is not just that. As I noted in my review of the first episode the monologues are a total cop-out by Conan to try and appeal to the masses, not the small niche crowd that made him a cult favorite on Late Night.

    During the monologue we also had a lengthy video of Conan playing around in a sound room. Yeah, it was as dumb as it sounds.

    I'll keep watching because it's The Tonight Show and it's better than what CBS is offering, but this has not been a good premiere week.moreless

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