Jamie Foxx, Kevin Nealon

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    By thefanof, Jun 14, 2009

    Honestly, The Tonight Show needs saving, and I do not know who can do it. It goes way beyond new writers, and a new sidekick (I like Andy Richter, but just not in this role). It also goes way beyond that insanely moronic Paris Hilton cameo.

    The show is just not "ready" for primetime. Conan O'Brien takes one too many caffeine pills before each show, he is just too goofy and too eccentric to appeal to the masses. I predicted that he would lose a few nights, possibly weeks to David Letterman, but nobody thought it would occur this soon. Conan is putting the good name of The Tonight Show to shame.

    That being said Kevin Nealon was amusing here, but not enough to save this.moreless

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