Steve Carell; Jamie Lee Curtis; Joan Jett

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Quotes (5)

  • Jay: The Madonna concert will be on NBC. There is part of the show where she hangs on a cross, wearing a thorny crown. NBC said they want to review it first. They don't want anything in the show that might offend Muslims.

  • Jay: James Watson is getting the Nobel Peace Prize. He was one of the co-finders of DNA. If it wasn't for DNA we wouldn't have the "Maury Povich Show."

  • Jay: A giant bus with Willie Nelson on the side -- that’s probable cause right there.

  • Jay: Willie Nelson was busted for procession of marijuana this week. Thank God that we are tough on crime in this country. He’s like 75 now?

  • Jay: President Bush said that he was not waging war against Islam. In fact, he doesn’t know where Islam is.

Trivia (1)

  • Because viewers are annoyed by John Melendez's signature solute after the monologue, starting in this show, he raises his cup instead.