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    jimmy fallon show

    By dpden, Mar 04, 2014

    not liking it too like watching saturday nite live 6 times a WANT TO say its a take on the tonight show with Johnny NOT he was on for 1 1/2 hrs back when he was doing extra stuff besides interviewing guest miss the interviews,thats what i watched it for,the latest on the celebs and their current endeavors. So now I watch Jimmy least he KNOWS how to interact w/o saying " hey lets play a game because i'm a competitive prick and i practiced it all week-end and i'm gonna bet you atmoreless

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    A good source of entertainment.

    By cactusjack39, Jan 31, 2009

    The Tonight Show has always been a good source of late night entertainment. It has been funny for a long time starting with Johnny Carson and ending with Jay Leno. Personally, I think Johnny was better but that is just my take. My favorite bit in today's reality is Headlines. I think that it is really funny, but I doubt those are all real. Either way, it is a really funny bit and I like Jay walking as well. Leno does have some good bits I must say. Now that Connan is taking over sometime this year, I fear the show will not be as good. Thank you.moreless

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    most people hate it now

    By Er0KSeinfeldfan, Dec 19, 2005

    Most people hate it now but jay leno is funny too yes johnny was the best buy jay hes a nice guy. jay i really like his headlines im gonna cry when conan replaces him that will be crap conan's okay but hes no jay. watch this show if you like late nite shows i reccomend it.


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    The greatest late night show ever

    By Al-Gore, Sep 12, 2005

    don't understand what's so bad about this show. I think it's the greatest late night show ever. And still is. They've got great actors and singers, the jokes are funny and about life in reality and Jay Leno delivers great performances. He only messed up once, when I guess he was tired. Otherwise, the greatest late night show ever. Airs on Monday-Friday at 11:35.

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