The Torkelsons

NBC (ended 1993)
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  • S 2 : Ep 13

    Bowling for Daddies

    Aired 6/12/93

  • S 2 : Ep 12

    Hot Ticket

    Aired 6/5/93

  • S 2 : Ep 11

    You Ought to Be in Pictures

    Aired 4/24/93

  • S 2 : Ep 10

    The Dance

    Aired 4/17/93

  • S 2 : Ep 9

    To Date or Not to Date

    Aired 4/10/93

  • Cast & Crew
  • William Schallert

    Wesley 'Border' Hodges [Season 1]

  • Jason Marsden

    Gregory Morgan [Season 2]

  • Brittany Murphy

    Molly Morgan [Season 2]

  • Perry King

    Brian Morgan [Season 2]

  • Connie Ray


  • show Description
  • Welcome to the The Torkelsons [aka Almost Home] guide at show was a comedy about a sensitive 14-year-old girl who's mortified by her crazy-quilt unorthodox family. Dorothy Jane just wanted to be thought of as normal, like any teenager, but had a hard time doing so. Her father had walked out on the family and they were always short on money. Her perky, optimistic mom, Millicent, saw sunshine everywhere. The rest of the family consisted of brothers - athletic Steven Floyd and studious Chuckie Lee, and sisters - spunky Ruth Ann and cute Mary Sue. They lived in a big rambling house in Pyramid Corners, Oklahoma. The name for the show came from a real Steven Floyd Torkelson who shared his bug collection and a first kiss with a little girl named Lynn Montgomery. She grew up to create the show some 30 years later.The series, which appeared on NBC, apparently turned out to be too down home for most people as it never found much of an audience in its original Saturday night timeslot and even less of one when it was moved to Sundays. After a second hiatus the series was revamped to return in February 1993 as Almost Home. For the new series the family moved to Seattle, WA [expect for Steven Floyd and Ruth Ann - who were wrote off and never mentioned again], where Millicent took a job as a nanny for two spoiled teenage children of widower Brian Morgan.The new season, which mostly pitted conservative family values against liberal family values, did not do any better in the ratings and was cancelled after 13 episodes.Season One Theme:People say God looks out for the working man Sure hope he's looking out for me These empty pockets need a helping hand Kitchen table's full of familyBut then the sun comes up [sun comes up] And the moon is shining big and bright And the new day promises [promises] That everything will be alrightAnd the new day promises that everything will be alright.Season Two Theme:Just when you think you've settled down And you feel like you're almost home Just when the wheel starts spinnin round Love sneaks in with a plan of it's ownLove comes in unexpected places Life turns in unexpected ways I swear we'll laugh, at these days [at these days] Love comes in unexpected places Life turns in unexpected waysJust when you think you're alone Maybe we're almost home Maybe we're almost home Maybe we're almost ho-omemoreless

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  • Quotes (35)

    • Millicent: Mi casa es su casa. That's the international declaration of hospitality. Ruth Ann: We read it on the picante sauce!

    • Steven Floyd: You like this boy Dont'cha? (shoves Dorothy Jane) Dorothy Jane: Don't hit me, I'm a lady. Steven Floyd: You like this boy! (shoves Dorothy Jane) Dorothy Jane: Don't hit me, I'm a lady. Steven Floyd: You like this boy! (shoves Dorothy Jane) Dorothy Jane: Don't hit me! (shoves Steven Floyd to the ground) Chuckie Lee: She's a lady!

    • Ruth Ann: I just mailed in my entry form for this year's Little Miss Oklahoma beauty pageant! Millicent: Well, this is sure to be your year, Ruth Ann. Dorothy Jane: Why do you encourage her? Millicent: Well, she hardly needs encouragement. She's got beauty, she's got poise... Ruth Ann: And I've got legs! I've got legs that go on forever, don't I, Mama? Millicent: You sure do! I can hardly keep you in your room.

    • Chuckie Lee: Hey fence neighbor! Riley: Yes? Chuckie Lee: What do you think of my sister? Riley: I think she's nice. Chuckie Lee: Well, you just better, because she's my sister! Riley: Well I do. Chuckie Lee: Well, you just better!

    • Ruth Ann: (running into Dorothy Jane's room) He's here Dorothy Jane it's him! Riley Roberts from next door! Says he wants to see ya! Says he wants to ask you something! Dorothy Jane: This is it! This is it! (fixes her hair and runs out of the room) Ruth Ann: She fell for it!

    • Dreama: You want to dance with Dorothy Jane when she's wearing my old throw-away Salvation Army dress? Dorothy Jane: It is not your Salvation Army dress! It's been reincarnated as my fall cotillion gown. Riley: And it looks beautiful on her. I can't imagine it looking more beautiful on anyone else.

    • Dreama: I must say, Dorothy Jane, that is a beautiful dress. Dorothy Jane: Well, you look very nice too, Dreama. Dreama: Well, thank you. You know, we ought to go shopping together sometime, seeing as we have such similar taste. Dorothy Jane: Gee, I'd really like that! Dreama: There's just one problem. Dorothy Jane: What's that? Dreama: I don't shop at the Salvation Army.

    • (Chuckie Lee and Mary Sue are playing Chutes and Ladders) Mary Sue: Why can't you go down the ladder? Chuckie Lee: Cuz you go down the chute! Mary Sue: Well how do you get down the ladder? Chuckie Lee: You don't wanna get down the ladder! Mary Sue: (yelling) I wanna get down the ladder! Chuckie Lee: (yells to Millicent) I can't play with her!

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    Notes (10)

    • Elizabeth Poyer (Ruth Ann) and Benj Thall (Steven Floyd) were replaced after this pilot episode by Anna Slotky and Aaron Michael Metchik. All the other lead actors and actresses stayed on as casted.

    • William Schallert played Patty's father on the 1960's 'The Patty Duke Show'.

    • Mother Love is the former host of talk show 'Forgive or Forget'.

    • Mother Love is the former host of talk show 'Forgive or Forget'.

    • This episode was intended to be the season finale, but NBC did not air it that way.

    • Mother Love is the former host of talk show 'Forgive or Forget'.

    • This was the last episode that featured Steven Floyd and Ruth Ann - as well as the actors.

    • Ruth Ann and Steven Floyd, two of Millicent's five children from "The Torkelsons," were completely eliminated without explanation for this spinoff series. Only Dorothy Jane, Chuckie Lee, and Mary Sue remained.

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    Trivia (1)

    • This episode was actually the start of the spin-off series called Almost Home.

    Allusions (6)

    • An American Almost in Paris: An American Almost in Paris is a play on the movie title "An American in Paris".

    • Men Don't Leave: Men Don't Leave is the name of the movie starring Jessica Lange as a newly widowed woman trying to cope with her & her children's grief.

    • Thanksgivingmesomething: Thanksgivingmesomething is a play on the TV show called "Thritysomething".

    • Title: I Fought the Law. I Fought the Law (And the Law Won) was a hit song sung by Roy Orbison.

    • Title: Educating Millicent. Educating Millicent is a play on the movie title "Educating Rita". "Educating Rita" starred Michael Caine as a professor who takes on a new student named Rita who wants to go college and finish her formal education.

    • Title: The Egg and I The Egg and I is the name of movie that starred Fred McMurray and Claudette Colbert.

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  • Fan Reviews (10)
  • My review of the Torkelsons/Almost Home--a show about the trials and tribulations, ups and downs about a single Oklahomaian mother and her 5 children.

    By senor_fritz, Sep 22, 2007

  • Wow old show

    By BTRAV, Sep 19, 2007

  • I really thought this show was okay.

    By twins1729, Feb 01, 2007

  • A pretty good show

    By usfanstar, Dec 03, 2006

  • I wish they would replay the show on disney.

    By Mars4ever, Oct 05, 2006

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