The Trouble With Father

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    The life of Stu Erwin, principal of Hamilton High, his wife June and daughters Joyce and Jackie. Also known as the Stu Erwin Show. Ran from 1950 until 1955. Typical early 50s comedy fare. With Stu, his daughter Jackie and Janitor Willie getting into one

    By Bennport, Sep 04, 2005

    One of the earliest comedy shows, I can remember.

    Stu Erwin a bumbling High School Principal managed to get into more scapres than Chester A. Riley. Although many of the episodes are flat by todays standards, there were enough hilarious ones to make this a Classic in my book. The episode "T.V. Comes to The Erwin's" is most memorable when Stu and Willie try the Do It Yourself approach to save installation costs.

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