The Tweenies

BBC (ended 2003)
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  • S 1 : Ep 47


    Aired 9/24/03

  • S 1 : Ep 46

    I Can't Do It

    Aired 9/23/03

  • S 1 : Ep 45


    Aired 9/20/03

  • S 1 : Ep 44

    Go Away, Bella

    Aired 9/19/03

  • S 1 : Ep 43


    Aired 9/18/03

  • Cast & Crew
  • Pui Fan Lee


  • Tamsin Heatley


  • Justin Fletcher


  • Simon Grover

    Max and Judy

  • Matthew Lyons

    Additional voices

  • show Description
  • Welcome to the The Tweenies Guide at TV Tome! Produced by the BBC, Tweenies is a British sensation starring full-body puppets, the "preschoolers," Bella, Milo, Fizz and Jake, their dog, Doodles, and the "grownups" Judy and Max. The gang and viewers at home learn to express themselves through language; encounter concepts from nature like weather, time, and magnets; enjoy creative activity in music and the visual arts; and explore issues in social interaction. Viewer interactivity is encouraged with action songs, stimulating kid's imaginations with each new Tweenie activity. Characters Bella: The oldest and tallest of the Tweenies. She is 4 and a half years old. Bella is quite the bossy and smart. She is Best friends with Fizz. Basically the only one to get along with better than the rest. Milo: A crazy 4 year old. He's funny and has a big imagination! He is best friends with Jake. Usually he says he's my mate! And his most common word is "anything a roony!" But sometimes he may get in a fight with Bella or hurt Fizz's feelings (like in episode "Fizz's dinosaur"). Fizz: She is 3 and a half. You could describer her as "pretty and lovely." Fizz is basically the most mature out of them all. She's the nicest you will actually see in the Tweenies. She is like those really naturific girls. Who cares about animals and trees. She gets along with Bella and is also like a study buddy with Jake. Fizz also gets along with Milo, but usually ends up getting her feelings hurt by him. She has a crush on Milo. Jake: A quite dumb 3 year old who feels like he can't do anything right. He is most likely to say I'm only little! He likes Milo more than the rest. Although he likes Fizz also Because she's the one always helping him and teaching him something new. He also gets along with Bella alot who usually corrects his pronounciation. Fizz is only a few months or year older than him. Max & Judy They are the people who take care of The Tweenies while there at the playhouse. Doodles is Max's dog. He is 6 years old. Lyrics Come and Play! Hey Hey! What do you say! It's time to come and play with The Tweenies! Hey, hey are you ready to play! So don't you wanna play with "The Tweenies." You can sing with us, play games with us. You can rub about and jump and shout! You can dance with us. Take a chance with us. Its okay what do you say? Every day! Come and play! Welcome to our Play group. Lets have fun together. Come on get to know us better I'm Bella! I'm Milo! I'm Fizz... And I'm Jake! I'm Doodles! And that's Max and Judy!(Backround everyday!) Hey, hey. What do you say? So dont you wanna play? Its time to come and play! So dont you wanna play with the Tweenies! Yeah! Notes: In America, they used different voices too match the American accent. America changes some lyrics to the songs and added more stuff and makes Milo shout in some songs like in the backround. And currently The character Sid was currently dropped during the first season and never appeared again and was never an official cast member once again. Britian Information First aired: 2000 Network: BBC Run time: 1 Hour FAQ Q. I'm confused. Is Bella 5 and Fizz is 4 and Milo is 3 and Jake is 2? Or are the real ages: Bella 4, Milo,4, Fizz 3 and Jake 2? A. According to the official site, It says, Bella is nearly 5, Milo is 4, Fizz is 3 and Jake is almost 3 as well. So which makes them 4 and 3 in a half. Q. Where did The Tweenies first aired? A. Britian. Q. Who are the people behind The Tweenies? Have any links, pictures and details on them? Or animation stuff? A. Sorry but I don't know pictures. Try checking Google. Show Times USA:Daily on Noggin at 6:00 A.M.moreless

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  • Quotes (5)

    • I wish i could fly

    • Song lyric Two Fat Gentle men Two fat gentle men met in a lane. Bowed most politly. And bowed once agian! How do you do? And how do you do! and how do you do again! Fizz:Now two thin ladies! Two thin ladies met in a lane. Bowed most politly and bowed once again! How do you do? And how do you do! And how do you do again! Do the same thing but then say 2 tall police men, Then two silly school girls then two cry babies.

    • Fizz: Oh Sir Milo the brave and handsom will save me! Milo: Um yeah... Handsom...

    • Jake: OH OH OH! It must be magic! Bella: Jake? Your so weird, Its not magic! Its called WIND. Jake: If its wind why can't i see it? Hmmm? Bella: OH jskey jakey jake! Its invisible! Jake: Whats an InvinsiCaBolt? Bella: INVINCIBLE! Silly, Its when you can't see anything but its actually there. Jake: Then its magic!

    • Max: Hey that was great! Can i try now? Milo: Uh oh... Show ends

    Notes (19)

    • Max belongs in a studio with Smashy and Nicey.

    • To the us this was a pilot, Because when this episode first aired the accents were different. They forgot to change it.

    • Max takes Jake and Fizz to see an old house (Bayleaf at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum) on top of a hill.

    • This episode is focused on Jake

    • This episode is mainly focused on Bella

    • This episode has two stories in one episode. Doodles needs a bath, And a sink or float contest.

    • An eduacational session in this episode is to stay where you should or else something bad may happen...

    • Basically this episode is The Tweenies imagination.

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    Trivia (17)

    • Reply to Second goof:Well its a little kids show. Every litlte kid show has something wrong in it, Because its an imagination. It makes kids imaginate more.

    • Milo is only 4 years old. Isn't he too young to ride and DRIVE and ride without a grown up?

    • How on earth can Fizz actually Fly with fake wings?

    • How did Milo and Jake just magically appear in that wizards cave?

    • In the song Two fat gentle men. They use all of there fingers. Including the THIRD FINGURE! Isn't that A bad thing?

    • In Britain they say two naughty school boys.

    • The first time they said 2 silly school boys. The next time they said two silly school girls...

    • For the first Goof of Go away bella:The thrid fingure is not facing the bad way. its facing the other way.

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  • Cool!

    By xxxxxxxxx, Dec 09, 2012

  • Or these ugly kids will rot your eyes out like someone who had cancer in their eyes.

    By Sony931, Dec 13, 2006

  • British children's show and worldwide hit!

    By timripley, Jun 07, 2006

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