A Day in Beaumont

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    Alien invasion going well until some intruders decide to inform the authorities.

    By twilightboy, Jan 02, 2013

    This episode is great. I love the in-your-face showing of the evil beings and the homage to old classics of the alien genre. The special effects are perfect and the setting is great. i don't understand why the alien ship crashes after being, apparently, in the area for many years now. Other than that, the show is very enjoyable, there is not one single moment of boredom because our main characters, a couple, are running all the time from here to there, dodging the lasers from the aliens.

    I wish they would have had a better chance at escaping from the town but it was all just to asfixiating for them.moreless

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    A pastiche of old Twilight Zone and other science fiction

    By CaptainMidnight, Feb 22, 2006

    David Gerrold, whose "Trouble with Tribbles" episode is one of the most beloved of the original Star Trek series, seems to have run out of ideas here. Instead of trying to come up with something new and interesting, he cobbles together names, influences and even dialogue in the name of "homage." The premise is a typical "misdirection" best done in the original series episode "Eye of the Beholder." The acting was run of the mill, even from a young Victor Garber. It wouldn't have taken much to elevate this above average. Some fresh dialogue rather than the breathless lines easily recycled from 1950s alien invasion movies. A mild change in the plot twist at the end. Unfortunately, we get none of that, just countless in-jokes and references to past science fiction. It gets boring pretty quickly.moreless

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