Examination Day

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    Realistic and true-to-life.

    By shilllsing, Apr 20, 2011

    Intelligent people in society are outcast and killed. Simpletons will not tolerate people that know and speak the truth. That's the horror of "Examination Day", its a direct and straight-forward tale of how things really are. For example, its funny how you are encouraged to be examined for things (check-ups) and yet you are doused with radiation to look for problems, when the real problem is the ionizing radiation damaging your molecular structure. Sure, it won't kill you today, it'll just slowly eat away at you on an undetectable level with no proof of the murder inflicted upon you.moreless

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    The Twilight Zone has always been freaky, this is a great example why this show is so interesting.

    By scottjoc, May 19, 2006

    A Kid takes an intelligence test - the way they plot the episode makes you think that showing too low would mean death but like my fellow reviewer(s) have pointed out it is role reversal. You score too high and you are terminated.

    It\'s freaky... catches you off gaurd and makes you think \'Why did the parents let him get this smart in the first place if they knew about the termination bit?\' but then again in a society that outlaws great intelligence that\'s no suprise they weren\'t smart enough to prevent it.

    The death of the kid was obvious from the get go but i didn\'t expect how they executed it.moreless

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    Kid of the future takes an intelligence test.

    By mikegarrigan, Dec 27, 2005

    This episode was down right creepy.

    In a city of the future, children are required to take an intelligence test at the age of twelve. This is classic Twilight Zone switch-a-roo.

    One would think that if the kid didn't score high enough, that something bad would happen. The reverse was true in this case. If the kid scored too high, he was exterminated.

    This particular episode reminded me of the classic tale when the woman had facial surgery in the hopes of becoming "normal." In the end, she appeared normal, but the doctors looked all messed up. This was the same kind of role reversal.


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