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    By thefanof, Jun 16, 2011

    I am a fan of sci-fi television, I am a fan of all of The Twilight Zones, but this episode was kind of weird. The idea behind a monster grandma is perfect and you have to feel that the 1959 version of this show would have done a better job than this incarnation. In fact, I couldn't even really see the monster, which I think was "borrowed" from some book anyway. The directing was really bush-league even by 1985 standards and the premise itself was weak. Everyone knew the kid would be in the form of his grandmother when the mother did in fact return.

    Don't let this deter you from watching more Twilight Zone version 2.0 episodes. Hey, it wasn't all bad, but a promising premise was foiled by bad directing and effects here tonight.moreless

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    Is there a point to this?

    By CaptainMidnight, Feb 24, 2011

    Unfortunately, this episode is typical Stephen King. Lots of setup. Far too much setup, in fact, with an awful lot of voiceover thought. Anybody who has ever suffered the David Lynch "Dune" movie knows you can't get away with that much in movies (or TV). The episode could have been done in five minutes. As for the ending, it's a contradiction. Like many Stephen King "twist" endings, it comes from out of left field, with no real foreshadowing. But again, King has done this so many times that the ending isn't shocking or surprising at all. In fact, the final scene is clumsily telegraphed thanks to the teleplay cobbled together by Harlan Ellison seemingly at his worst. When it's all over, you have the feeling that the entire segment was a waste of time. Child actor Barrett Oliver, who was decent in the movie "Cocoon," is sometimes embarrassingly bad here. Skip this if you can. There are plenty of better episodes in this series.moreless

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