Come Wander with Me

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  • 1.0

    screwup epsiode

    By noman, Aug 22, 2014

    Apparently years before the in another life the singer and the girl eloped until he killed another suitor and then was killed by the vengeful suitor family. Apparently all the charcthers in this story have to relive their lives over and over...

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  • 7.5

    Floyd wanders into town and finds a strange girl with a song he'd like to own.

    By tzfanatic93, Mar 23, 2010

    Although not one the best Twilight Zone episodes, it is a good episode. It is very deep and throughout the entire episode perhaps, difficult to penetrate. But nonetheless it come across as nice little folk tale if you try to understand it. This is just another region of the Twilight Zone which is a place that is not really meant to be understood, but is meant to make you wonder.

    Come Wander With Me is a well written story and the story within the song is, perhaps, the story that is taking place and as it unfolds, as does the song. All together Come Wander With Me is a rather pleasing tale, that a majority of people who really came to know the Twilight Zone would enjoy.moreless

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  • 6.7

    An aspiring singer meets a mysterious young girl whose singing a song he wants to own.

    By marvelfan89, Jul 14, 2006

    Partly mysterious and partly played for laughs in my opinion, it's not my favorite Twilight Zone episode for many reasons. It's far too predictable and the ending with Floyd Burney (Gary Crosby) is seen a mile away. However, it's one of those dreamlike episodes where things happen as one person puts it down on paper that is interesting.

    Floyd meets Mary Racheal a mysterious girl singing a song he likes. The song however as things start to happen (the local gang of men who come after Floyd) starts shifting lyrics which really freak out Floyd. As the songs predicts his death and Mary Racheal's world, we know even worse things will happen. As mentioned not my favorite , a very predictable episode that was at times silly but an entertaining episode.moreless

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