The Purple Testament

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  • 2.0

    not quite

    By noman, Aug 22, 2014

    This theme could be adopted to almost any war episode. Rod Serling served in the Phillippines and had nightmares about it. Too bad instead of telling as it was they had to drop to fictional foresight theme

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  • 9.0

    worse than death

    By OmarCayenne, Sep 24, 2011

    This episode demonstrates graphically that there are indeed worse things than death. Imagine having to go through a battle campaign with a "gift" such as that of the main character here; at some point it would have to seem a relief to see your face light up in the mirror as well. The moment where the guy says "War stinks" (as he's going through the dead man's mementos) in one of my favorites from the series. Also a host of familiar faces in this one: Dick York (his 2nd TZ), Barney Phillips, Paul Mazursky and even Warren Oates in a cool cameo toward the end.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Ominous premonitions of doom and disaster are commonplace on the battlefront but some are afflicted with the ability to see the mark of impending death on their fellow soldiers.

    By AccentCompanies, Jun 09, 2006

    A soldier sees a glow around various comrades and each one he sees in this light get killed in battle shortly thereafter. Visions and premonitions are nothing strange to Rod Serling and certainly this episode is both well written and well acted. I will admit that this episode has a very sincere tone and is difficult for me to watch - it is absolutely chilling. There are clairvoyants and mediums who claim foresight but those who truly possess the gift/curse of seeing the future are very conflicted and cautious about their vision. This is a brilliantly conceived situation and Dick York plays the concerned soldier very well. It is amazing to see a comedic talent like York, who bumbled his way through “Bewitched” as Darren, give such an insightful performance. This is an excellent episode whose plausibility is part of what makes it so hard-hitting. Many years later “Mash” had an episode with a soldier whi realizes that noone can see him and eventually realizes that he has been killed - a slightly different take on the same theme.moreless

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