The Silence

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    a man bets he can keep quite for a year so he can prove a point to a rich man, and earn a couple dollars. he succeeds in humiliating the rich man...but goes too far and pays a harsh price

    By joshx2k1, May 10, 2006

    this episode is what got me into this show. i remember falling asleep by my bed and then all of a sudden jumping when i saw this ending. its such a brilliant twist that i definatly never saw coming. many of the episodes in twilight zone are amazing, but are different because it involves some sort of supernatural element in the episode. the reason i liked this one so much was because it was all so real, and could have all happend. i reccomended this episode to many people and got them into the show as well. poor guy...he just wanted to prove what type of a person he was while making a couple bucks...shows in life that nothing is 100% and we should never make long term changes(like cutting ur vocal cords!)moreless

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