The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine

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  • 7.5

    Where the Series Starts

    By kiamacricket, Jun 15, 2013

    This is the episode where The Twilight Zone really kicked in, the first story that defined what the series was. A great, dramatic script about an ageing, faded film star who refuses to accept her past has deserted her, and a twist at the end that eventually became the hallmark of the series.

    It's not one of my favourite episodes, but it's where the writing really began to take shape.

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  • 5.5

    An againg actress longs for her faded youth and career.

    By leebrown1990, Nov 13, 2009

    The episode comes as a pretty mixed bag. The dialogue while great at times, feels dated at other. Everytime the plot takes a step forward it seems to take another step back, things get intresting then the old dynamic returns. It's not till the Sci-Fi elements are truely introdcued that things pick up, then its little too late, as theres not much exploration of the concept.

    There are some pretty entertaing and intresting moments; when the interviewer finnaly snaps at the annoying actress, and when we learn there is a level of interaction between the film world of her wishes and the real world. Problem is there not enough to lift what is overall a pretty blande story, and I'm also puzzled as to why she reamins in her current age when she longed for her youth. Not offesnivley bad, but forgetable.moreless

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  • 6.0

    'The 16mm Shrine' is "The Twilight Zone"s take on Sunset Blvd.

    By Skeeter_700, Feb 05, 2006

    In 'The 16mm Shrine' an aging actress, played by Ida Lupino, sits in a darkened room watching her old films. She longs to be beautiful and famous again; Just as she was in those films. All the while her maid and agent try to help her realize that 20 years have passed and she can't go back. Martin Balsam and Ida Lupino both deserve credit for creating memorable characters in the short amount of time they were given. The theme of revisiting the past was touched upon in the prior episode 'Mr. Denton On Doomsday' and would be dealt with even more extensively upon in the next episode 'Walking Distance'. However, both 'Mr. Denton On Doomsday' and 'Walking Distance' achieved a more satisfying conclusion then 'The 16mm Shrine'. The final plot twist is just unconvincing. Overall, I give it a 6 for 10.moreless

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