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  • 9.0


    By tea62, Feb 15, 2014

    Great ending. The rest made sense after the ending. I'm an Air Force guy. Lived through the Cold War. I'm sure in THIS day and age, similar psych training is more realistic. Very insightful premise and good storytelling.

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  • 8.5

    Where Am I?

    By radicalplop, Jul 31, 2013

    Is this an internet review? what's happening? where am i?


    this episode kicked off a great series. I watched as the main character (let's call him Grange) graced the town with his solitary presence for a half hour. Actually, just a little bit less.

    I liked when he almost locked himself in jail, but saved himself from locking himself at just the last second. Grange is a solid actor with a+ credentials and i get tired of wannabes putting on their Stanislavsky hats and dropping hitler references like a moustache salesman with a magic marker.

    I think, hundreds of years from now tv experts will look back at this era and find it to be golden. This is back when it was cool at least pretend to try to have meaning. now, if someone tries to tell a story, they are immediately sequestered into some nonsensical interview where they drop a one-liner like Steven-Dwight drops french toast during the renaissance.

    The phone booth was a welcomed blast from the past. I remember trying to call my sister collect from the bowling alley and she got all weird about because she was all drunk and her friends were having a burping contest. I smiled during this part.

    Well, too bad none of us will ever see Grange again. In a way, he is forever locked in that episode, never to be let out. Never to pet a pop of Potter or outlie in Twilight or have a beer with Cheers or eat taterMash with Alan Alda. Sad sad fake reality for Grange.

    I give this movie an 8.5, twas sightly.


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  • 7.0

    Good Pilot

    By kiamacricket, Jun 15, 2013

    A good way to start off the series. There is nothing especially startling about it, but the story comes full circle. There is probably too much explanation at the end of the episode, but as a pilot I enjoyed it.

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  • 5.0

    Lame ending

    By Brian4663, Jan 02, 2012

    I like the entire episode except for the ending explanation. So I feel it is just an average episode with nothing too much special. The strange town where the guy is located at is Hill Valley, California from "Back to the future." Also known as the Universal back lot.

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  • 8.6

    Great pilot. A man who doesn't know who he is or even how he woke up in the morning finds himself in an empty town, and it doesn't take long for him to start to lose his mind.

    By kurtysskasten9, Nov 13, 2010

    This episode is really cool. This guy finds himself in an empty town and has no idea who he is, yet he manages to keep his cool for a surprisingly long time. But eventually he loses it and really needs to talk to people. It's really great acting too, considering that there is only one character for 95% of the episode, and he really does a great job. One of the coolest parts is when the man runs full speed into a mirror and it looks like he's running at the camera. A great twist at the end, and a great way to start one of the greatest mystery series ever.moreless

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  • 8.9

    Exciting first show that indicates how this series will be.

    By Proteus710, Nov 13, 2010

    An exciting beginning to one of the most creative and innovative television programs ever made. This episode strikes a chord because it taps into two of man's greatest fears: autophobia, which is the fear of being alone, and the paranoid feeling that somebody out there is watching us. The episode did an excellent job of creating that terrifying feeling of solitude and how a person can become psychologically unstable eventually in a situation such as this. His fear continues to grow, to escalate until he breaks down completely and cannot take any more.

    And of course, we have that twist at the end that has been the staple of "The Twilight Zone". This episode would set the tone for the rest of the series.moreless

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  • 9.4

    I adore this episode.

    By Droid-x, Nov 13, 2010

    I absolutely adore this episode. I love how our main character goes into paronia and near insanity. The end has to be the best part when they take him and tell him next time it wnon't be an illusion and showing the possible consequences of space travel. Great episode showing how man can never survive loneliness.

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  • 7.5

    A man wanders in a deserted town with no memory of who he is or how he got there and starts questioning his sanity...

    By Badfluffy, Jan 22, 2008

    It is without a doubt a very special episode that marked the beginnings of the new television era. An era when entertainment met depth and when TV started looking into giving more than action or a few laughs to its audience but food for thought as well.

    This is not the best episode of the show by far... the storytelling gets stale after about 10 mn and the outcome is outdated by a half century but it remains a classic in the format, in the genre and in the production and it is a must-see for anyone who ever enjoyed high-minded short stories.

    This is real scifi, a genre that has been trashed for years, a bare storyline with no special effects that requires suspending your disbelief to learn a valuable lesson on human kind...moreless

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  • 9.3

    a man wakes up to find he is all alone in a strange town

    By maleko222, May 10, 2007

    a really well written episode. even though there is only one person until the conclusion, the actor keeps the episode going and does not let it get boring. this episode was the first episode i have watched of the twilgith zone and because this episode was so good, i became a hugh fan of the series.

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