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  • S 21 : Ep 4

    Boiling Point

    Airs 5/13/15

  • S 21 : Ep 3

    Tilting the Scales

    Airing Today

  • S 21 : Ep 2

    Owner vs. Owner

    Aired 4/29/15

  • S 21 : Ep 1

    Rumble in South Florida

    Aired 4/22/15

  • S 20 : Ep 12

    It's About to Get Real

    Aired 12/10/14

  • Cast & Crew
  • Scott Smith

    Middleweight [Season 4]

  • Randy Couture

    Coach [Season 1]

  • Dana White

    UFC Owner

  • Ken Shamrock

    Coach [Season 3]

  • Jason Miller

    Head Coach [Season 14]

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  • Fighters travel to Las Vegas with one dream, one goal - to become The Ultimate Fighter. Determination, Discipline, Excellence. These young men are accomplished athletes, disciplined in a wide range of mixed martial arts that includes wrestling, boxing, judo, Jiu-Jitsu, karate and kickboxing. Each has the dream, the hope, and the will to fight in an Ultimate Fighting Championship event. Only one fighter from each of the two weight classes will succeed with the challenge. During the show the competitors will take their training to a higher level. They will be brought to Las Vegas where the UFC brand has its National Training Center. For the next seven weeks the competitors will be under the strict supervision of two successful and famous UFC fighters and trainers. The competitors will endure the most grueling training and intense pressure of their lives. They will train together, live together, and fight against each other inside and outside of the storied UFC Octagon. The men are split into two teams and compete against each other within their weight classes to avoid elimination. At the end of each week, one fighter from each team must fight in the Octagon to avoid being eliminated from the competition until only two remain in each weight division. In the end, The Ultimate Fighter will be decided by a competition match -- a head-to-head fight to the finish inside the Octagon. The weak are eliminated... The strong will survive... Only one will be left standing from each weight class... The Ultimate Fightermoreless

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  • Quotes (46)

    • Lodune Sincaid on his bout with alcohol in this episode Lodune: What changed is uh what alcoholics call a moment of clarity and something came into my head last night. I realized I have nowhere to go after this. I have no job, no apartment, no car. Why am I shooting myself in the foot when someone wants to do that to me anyway.

    • Rich Franklin: "That's this season's Diego [Sanchez]" (speaking to Matt Hughes about Luke Cummo while the latter is doing a wall sit).

    • Dana White: This is ridiculous (after the fighters quit near the end of the show).

    • "This was the sh*tiest fight I have seen in my entire life." -- Dana White

    • Dana White: “If you’re going to lose, at least do it the way Jorge Gurgel did, and leave it all in the octagon.”

    • Luke Cummo: "The guys in the house probably underestimate me. I read comic books. I like movies and I like to draw. You might consider me a geek, but… geeks run the world."

    • Dana White: "Luke Cummo is the guy that… if he was ever in your way, that's the guy you'd pick on, and he'd kick your head to another planet and you wouldn't know what the hell happened. Then you could never hang out with any of your friends anymore because the 'skinny nerd' just kicked your a--!"

    • Luke Cummo: "Eating this pizza is like having sex with a fat prostitute."

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    Notes (81)

    • Eli Joslin, Kerry Schall, and Kenny Stevens were chosen as weak links. Kerry received an injury while training and was eliminated due to the fact that he was injured. Eli Joslin volunteered to quit. Kenny Stevens was given the opportunity to fight against Sam Morgan to prove he was UFC material but quit after he couldn't drop five pounds.

    • Welterweight Jorge Gurgel suffers a knee injury while training/sparring, however unlike Kerry Schall, Jorge remains in the competition. The injury would continue to nag Jorge until he was eliminated.

    • Rashad Evans defeated Tom Murphy via Unanimous Judges decision

    • This is Rashad Evan's second fight in the competition.

    • Marcus Davis is brought back as an alternate who will fight if Jason Von Flue's cuts over his eye prevent doctors from clearing him to fight.

    • After Rashad returns to the house from having his hand X-Rayed, he tells the guys that his hand is broken and he cannot fight in the semi-finals. Rashad then starts crying only to reveal it is a prank. His wrist is sprained and he will be able to fight.

    • This is Rashad's third fight during Season 2.

    • In an under-card (non-televised) bout, Keith Jardine defeated Kerry Schall by TKO (leg kick) at 3:28 of Round 2.

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    Trivia (8)

    • After two episode, we get the first elimination fight in the octagon. The first fight in the series.

    • This is the first episode in which Team Hughes wins the team challenge but loses the individual challenge in the Octagon.

    • This is the first episode of season two in which the decision for fight match-ups is decided mutually by Coaches Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin, and Dana White. Ordinarly, the winning team of the team challenge would select the fighters.

    • During the fight, Matt Serra was the ringside coach for Shonie Carter, who handed Matt his first UFC loss at UFC 31.

    • Rashad was a previous contestant and Heavyweight Champion on the show.

    • Special appearance by Keith Jardine.

    • Team Rashad remains undefeated through four fights.

    • Josh Koscheck is another fighter from Season One selected to coach a team of his own on the show. Other contestants who have been called on to show are Rashad Evans, and Forrest Griffin.

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