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Quotes (6)

  • Shoeshine finds out that Polly has been captured. Shoeshine Boy: (to customer) Excuse me, sir! I'll finish the other shoe tomorrow!

  • Irving and Ralph: Teamwork! Teamwork! That's what counts!

  • Magic Mirror: Just a short time ago, there came to this land one who is more powerful than you. Witch: No! No! Who can it be? Show me, I command you! (Magic Mirror shows Witch a picture of Underdog) Witch: That? That silly looking thing?

  • Underdog: Very well, good people, I shall entrust her to you, (to a sleeping Sweet Polly) Farewell, Sweet Polly, you were always true blue, I'll find some way to save you, my pledge is this, And I'll seal my vow with one final kiss.

  • Underdog: I must leave Polly, but before I do I intend to really take care of you!

  • Simon: Simon says, "Come here!"

Notes (11)

  • This is the very first episode of Underdog.

  • Underdog crashes into the back of a billboard. On the other side, he looks like he is "on TV".

  • About 1:30 minutes into Part 2, Underdog crashes into a statue of a cavalryman.

  • Underdog crashes into the front of an airplane.

  • Riff Raff makes a brief appearance in this episode.

  • A the end of the episode, Underdog crashes into an electrical tower, strung up by his cape.

  • Simn Barsinister enlists the help of other Underdog villains; Riff-Raff, Electric Eel and Batty Man.

  • At the end of the episode, Underdog accidentally flies into a turbine engine of an airplane. (He survives!)

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Trivia (9)

  • This is the only episode without Sweet Polly.

  • Introduces Sweet Polly Purebred, ace TV reporter.

  • First episode with Simon Barsinister.

  • It's revealed in this episode that Underdog can use his powers while he's Shoe Shine Boy, and he does do this for the first time in this episode. He usually doesn't do this though as if anyone saw Shoe Shine Boy using Underdog's powers, it would reveal Underdog's secret identity.

  • When Riff-Raff sets off the alarm when trying to steal the swords, the whole building shakes for a few seconds when the bell goes off!

  • During the Cartoon Network and earlier Boomerang airings, this episode was omitted due to people drinking out of the water where Underdog dropped his pills in.

  • During the Cartoon Network and earlier Boomerang airings, this episode was omitted due to Underdog being brought back to life with electricity underwater.

  • First appearance of the Electric Eel.

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