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    By sfviewer, Oct 29, 2007

    the unit is undercover along a mexican border town with assistance from mexican intelligence. jonas and the unit moves in on a terrorist hideout only to realize that there's a tunnel that heads all the way across the US border. the unit goes through the tunnel and meets light opposition. but their job gets more complicated when the man their after manages to elude them. It's a really exciting episode, the cat and mouse chase is so riveting. seeing the unit in action is so awesome, it makes the episode really exciting. i can't wait for the next one. it's an awesome episode.moreless

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    Really don't like that Col Ryan!

    By JPPT1974, Oct 11, 2006

    I really don't like that Col Ryan as I don't know about the rest of you. He thinks that he has a better than thou attitude and that is he may be just doing his job. But he is fall from perfect as the team has to track down a terrorist and the women fear a stranger who approachs one of their children.

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