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    the originals and catherine big lost for tvd

    By williamfarhat, Feb 28, 2015

    TVD is a great show no doubt , but the truth since the originals got out from show and then catherine , the story now become so poor and boring and i feel that writer got nothing new or inspected to write ,

    the show become more about love now, no action no suspense, i think more good character like klaus may save the show in the comming years, caroline and stefen is a big love mistake i think, the love triangle was the best thing in the show, damon and elena, returning so fast to love each other after wiping her memory of him also one of the boring thing in the season 6 , ideas are good but writing and story not that good, choosing character still good in tvd but the story have to improve,moreless

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    Screw Elanie

    By sempellk, Feb 25, 2015

    .playing both brothers makes her a disappointment to all females.... she should choose Dameon he is soooooo much better than Stephen also hope there is a season 7.... cutting dameon some slack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    the perfect Diaries

    By annadomaretska, Feb 24, 2015

    I hope they make a the vampire diarys 7 because they show literally made me cry laugh and express any emotion. This is literally the best show I ever watched. I can't watch anything else now. There is one little thing that I want I want is Ian and Nina to be together cuz if they make it perfect couple in a show they can make a perfect couple in the real world. I wish they never broke up in real life!moreless

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    Bonnie's Prison World

    By LynGal, Feb 20, 2015

    Where the heck does Bonnie keep getting fresh food and clothes in her captive prison world? Someone needs to get rid of Enzo, please! I really don't care for Caroline and Stefan getting together, it just doesn't fit.

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    The Lame Diaries

    By olicityisreal, Feb 18, 2015

    I really loved The Vampire Diaries until season 4. Season 5 was meh, and season 6 is ew. There's literally no story in season 6 except for the witches, and if I'm not mistaken it's the vampire diaries and not the witch diaries so let the show focus on vampires.. if you can even call them that. The vampires have gotten so soft, you barely see them killing someone in season 6. Remember when Damon wasn't such a pussy and killed people? Or when there were badass people like Klaus, Katherine or Rebekah? Killing Katherine was the biggest mistake of TVD, Elena is too soft and she's only fun when her humanity is turned off. The show is all about love now and there's no action. I have to force myself watching an episode of it, hoping it gets better. *changes into vine girl* I DON'T THINK ANYTHING HAS CHANGED IF ANYTHING ITTA WENT FROM WORSE TO WORSER

    Yeah but.. The Originals is getting better and TVD is getting worse.

    Please bring some freaking action..moreless

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    Choosing the Right Skin Care for You

    By Martinae852, Feb 17, 2015

    I don't really know bit similar to declare sonic it's probably not as great just because the brush heads a little bit smaller and probably more dense than a little Clarion one and I know the Clarion doesn't spend it kind of just like vibrate so I don't really know which one is better I'm sure they both work awesome but .

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  • 6.5

    Season 5-6

    By BrittneyBrieMcGraw, Feb 15, 2015

    I like the show but the newer seasons are changing my mind. I semi liked season five. I want Stefan and Elena back together. He loves her with an unconditional pure love. Damon is just always doing something dumb ... And omg I hate Enzo I don't see any need for his character. Kai was getting annoying he kept coming Back but I guess the merge will make his character more humane. Once again I trip dislike Enzo I wish he would go away. I also wish Matt had something that didn't make him so weak. Season 6 is getting to be hard to watch with the above stated.moreless

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    please please please

    By chaerisong, Feb 15, 2015

    please lose the Brit Vamp

    most of the characters on the show are tolerable

    but that guy is just plain nauseating

    if i have to look at him in another episode

    I will definitely quit the show

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    Vampire Diaries New Season

    By lovergirl25, Feb 14, 2015

    The story kicked off with Stefan as Elena's first love, which then un winded to a tale of two brothers who deeply loved Elena Gilbert. To take the first love of the show and put him with Caroline who has been with many other characters, diminishes Stefan's character and is just weird. It's sad that Stefan doesn't have someone to be with, but it depicts how strong his love was for Elena and that he would die loving her. That to me, would've still kept the theme of VD which kept me on my feet at the beginning. Elena, is also losing her role as the main character. She is supposed to be the loving character that links everyone together. In this new season, she's rather someone who's MIA many of the times. VD is starting to become an episode of many different stories rather than one story with one strong theme.moreless

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    This Show is getting boring

    By alyafeliz, Feb 14, 2015

    I used to love TVD when there was The Originals season. Seeing Klaus, Rebekah, and Kol were more exciting than Silas and Markus things that was so boring, annoying, and weird. Season 2,3 and 4 is great but seson 5 is getting ridiculous and then season 6, It's so pointless and sooo boring. I really did'nt enjoy the first 15 minutes in season 6 episode 1 and the most ridiculous thing is when the ghost can come back to life without finding their body. This show is getting worst in every episode. And I still don't understand why Tyler become human again. Can somebody explain to me about it? And Caroline is the most annoying character in season 1-6 which means in all seasons she's so damn annoying. If Julia plec made her be killed in season 1 I think it wouldn't change the plot at all. And the mistake Julia Plec made was when Elena and Bonnie thought that Caroline was a bitch then why should they became bestfriend when caroline became a vampire? That doesn't make any sense. How could a bitch suddenly turn into a good people when she became a vampire whom is the monster that should kill human to stay alive? Oh and the main characters keep coming back from death is so damn annoying and ridiculous.moreless

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