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    Season 6th of the vampire diaries

    By izabelletalbert, 7 hours ago

    Season 6 has become way boring! the vampire diaries was the first TV show that I always chose to watch, now it has become the last one! the first 4 episodes were way boring and it has turned from my best favorite TV show to the least favorite one.

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    The Heart Of A Child

    By truthlasts, Oct 12, 2014

    The Vampire Diaries is a great series overall, however, staff writers of the series are becoming sloppy with regards to the nature of the content. It's one thing to see vampires biting necks, but it's a completely different matter when principle characters start glorifying "massacres" - Damon, series 5 finale, and the whole tearing people's heads off and pulling people's hearts out. Not to mention the constant snapping people's necks. But don't worry, it's okay, characters can come back to life. There is no heaven or hell, it doesn't matter what you do in life, you just hang out in between worlds for a while, you're forgiven and then you come back and get to do whatever bad things you want all over again. Certain writers of The Vampire Diaries are "seriously" disturbed individuals and it is "disgusting" that the censors of television or, heaven's forbid, Warner Bros executives, don't wrangle in their uneducated employees who are giving impressionable minds "green lights" to commit suicide or inflict harm upon others. The Vampire Diaries started off okay, now it just "sucks"! Staff writers, get rid of them. Hire some truly talented writers who aren't psychologically disturbed!moreless

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    back from the dead

    By ajlablossom123, Oct 12, 2014

    awesomest tv show ever it was so dramatic lovable and it was amazing as always i loved the part when caroline sends a voicemail to stefan at the end and its so true!!!!

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    The Vampire Drama-ries

    By ErosMakelaris, Oct 05, 2014

    Overall, it's a good show. Last Thursday's premiere was kind of lame, though compared to premieres of previous seasons.

    A generous 7/10 for the premiere and saving better grades for the good episodes to come.

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    Characters keep dying and coming bak to life...

    By DarrienK, Oct 03, 2014

    For the sake of the first seasons, i give this series 7/10. The pace and the acting were much better. Actors seemed to be more connected with their characters than they are right know. Now, the plot is full of cliches and silly teen situations. Really, i wish both Stephan and Damon dumped Elena and left her in her irresponsibility and her misery. Sometimes it just feels like we all have to deal with the drama of Elena and that her drama is the most important thing in the universe. I even found Catherine more interesting regarding her character development. So i don't want Elena to end up with any of them (Stephan and Damon) and see the bond between the brothers become stronger. Enough with the love triangle. On the other hand, i think Caroline is the best character of the show right now and i can see her fit well inside Stephan's arms. One think i surely like is the return of Alaric, even though his death was suitable for his character and well-emphasized. The Originals were the best adding to the show and it serves them just right to have their own tv series now.

    All in all, it's been entertaining so far, but i think season 6 should be the last.moreless

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