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    The Failings of TVD

    By alexiatang9, Nov 20, 2014

    The Vampire Diaries started with a decent, honest concept, and then it became what every show does when it is dragged out for too long. The main plot becomes the romantic pairings and the subplot, is the actual plot. Rather than focus on character dynamics, development or unique villains, we see everything to be based on romantic involvement. I understand that romance is a major factor but when you do not even know the plot of the show, then you know it is getting worse. If you don't know the direction of which it is heading to, then you understand why less and less viewers tune in.

    In the previous seasons, mostly Season 1-2, there was a heavy concentration on plot, friendship, development and advancement of abilities. As the seasons drag on, we see the characters become one dimensional, romantically inclined, characteristically declined and sexually active. The villains are boring, one dimensional, uninteresting individuals who have no prior reason to be on the show. Many times, they are one dimensional.

    The writers do forget that a plot is suppose to come together, as a whole, not in crooked subplots that are disjointed. In the MANY romantic subplots, the main plot is forgotten and often left for the last three episodes. This is what makes the Vampire Diaries pathetic. You can focus on the romance but you have to remember the plot. The plot is what makes a show interesting. Just pairing up people, for the sake of viewership, just turns viewers off.

    Its sad to see a show fall. But it happens, especially when there are tons of love triangles, love interests, guest stars and the failure to use their main cast.moreless

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    Vampire Diaries RANT!!!

    By andylunga, Nov 10, 2014

    Even though this wasn't a terrible episode its hard to ignore just how low the quality of the show has fallen. forget for a moment, the really bad plot holes and the ever changing, incomprehensible Mythology because we'll be here all day. The characters are where the show has suffered the most and is breaking my heart with every new episode.

    1- Damon: Now i'm not a fan of serial killers so from day 1 ,i've always be immune to Damon's eyebrow twitches and swagger. But i do love a good redemption story and thats what got me hooked on Damon. But thats the problem,where is the redemption?, the writers just won't let this character grow or evolve. And it was at that point that he tried to kill Jeremy in season 5 or completely ignored saving Bonnie in this latest episode,(the same girl who sacrificed herself for his sorry pregnant-relative killing ass!!!), that i finally raised my white flag on trying to like this character. c'mon you guys!!! i know he's hot, but how can anyone root for him or Elena. and through him is how the Elena character has equally suffered. Don't even get me started on the hypocritical , self absorbed "murderer" that has become Elena's character.

    2- Stefan: Anyone remember the sweet kind hearted stefan who wanted to be a doctor? In Season 5 this character was rendered into nothing but a cheap ploy to create jealous tension in the Delena Saga. The way he treated Ivy was beyond grief, it was just so out of character of what Stefan would ever do. And the worst is Paul Wesley's current portrayal of him. the Actor just seems Bored and cold All the time. Seriously Paul leave the show if you're done!!!

    3- Bonnie: My heart breaks the most with Bonnie and the way these writers just don't care about her. A "doormat" is all she is. She and Alaric are the only remaining light of characters with any sort of moral compass on this show.

    Ultimately I blame all you Delena and Stelena Shippers, You guys ruined a good show. And I blame Julie Plec for even listening to you. All you guys care nothing about a good story, because you're just obsessed with hot actors hooking up so you can fantasize about them. But For me Season 2 TVD was some of the best TV i've ever seen in my life. it was more than just hot actors on screen. The stories and characters were charming and deep, the mythology was exciting and seamless, and don't even get me started on the fantastic villains. (shout out to my girl KAT)moreless

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    Vampire diaries

    By markgilbert7777, Nov 04, 2014

    Please do not canceled vampire diaries I love the show sooo much keep on making it please I give the show

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    Season 6th of the vampire diaries

    By izabelletalbert, Oct 25, 2014

    Season 6 has become way boring! the vampire diaries was the first TV show that I always chose to watch, now it has become the last one! the first 4 episodes were way boring and it has turned from my best favorite TV show to the least favorite one.

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    The Heart Of A Child

    By truthlasts, Oct 12, 2014

    The Vampire Diaries is a great series overall, however, staff writers of the series are becoming sloppy with regards to the nature of the content. It's one thing to see vampires biting necks, but it's a completely different matter when principle characters start glorifying "massacres" - Damon, series 5 finale, and the whole tearing people's heads off and pulling people's hearts out. Not to mention the constant snapping people's necks. But don't worry, it's okay, characters can come back to life. There is no heaven or hell, it doesn't matter what you do in life, you just hang out in between worlds for a while, you're forgiven and then you come back and get to do whatever bad things you want all over again. Certain writers of The Vampire Diaries are "seriously" disturbed individuals and it is "disgusting" that the censors of television or, heaven's forbid, Warner Bros executives, don't wrangle in their uneducated employees who are giving impressionable minds "green lights" to commit suicide or inflict harm upon others. The Vampire Diaries started off okay, now it just "sucks"! Staff writers, get rid of them. Hire some truly talented writers who aren't psychologically disturbed!moreless

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