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    Getting Tired of the Voice

    By CharlieSpeaks, Mar 17, 2015

    Two seasons per year is too much of this show for me.

    Lets go back to the old way of finding America's Talent.

    Make a record and see if anyone buys it.

    This crap seems to go on forever. I just cant care!

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    The voice editing

    By faabbott, Feb 07, 2015

    Terrible editing. Watch the Welsh 16 year old. Rita ora turned around and then half way through you see he not turned round?!

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    You really missed on this one!

    By dan7264, Dec 31, 2014

    Craig Boyd was the weakest voice of the final four. The show is supposed to feature the best voice of all the contestants. But The Voice producers out smarted themselves with the Wildcard and adding back to the finale a fourth voice. The end result was more votes were cast not to have Craig Boyd win The Voice than were cast for him. So how is that a winner with the best voice? The problem is that the people that would have voted for someone other than Boyd split their votes over the other three. So 3 out of 4 votes that were cast were for someone other than Boyd to win. Great job The Voice, that was really stupid and proved what? That the worse voice of your top four can win? Your show should be renamed to A Voice, not The Voice. What a joke.moreless

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    Very disappointed when...

    By liz1942moore, Dec 18, 2014

    Craig Boyd was not my choice. I was very disappointed when after he was announced the winner and his wife and baby joined him on stage, he kissed his baby but totally ignored his wife! He came across as a very cold individual! He should have hugged his wife. After all, I noticed she was there for him throughout his competition on The Voice! I felt sorry for his wife.

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    Missing Josh Kaufman

    By MandisMom, Dec 17, 2014

    Where was Josh Kaufman?

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    "The Dark Horse" should win the show tonight!

    By Julieta26, Dec 16, 2014

    I've never seen so many talented young people on The Voice like on Season 7! My most favorite was Taylor John Williams, but since he didn't make it to the finale, I cast my vote on Chris Jameson. I think the world needs another unique artist like Chris. I believe, he's the most improved, most accomplished, and he's the one who truly took his coach's advice every single time and delivered results! His originality and uniqueness is as close as to Michael Jackson's - watch this guy, he'll take the universe by storm!moreless

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    america votes is a joke

    By uncleresry1, Nov 26, 2014

    I think the vote is rigged. How can they vote Sugar Joans off when she clearly has a better voice is a sweeter personality than at least half of the current top 12? The show is not transparent about its voting.

    I suspect the producers pick the winners in their effort to keep the ratings up. Which makes the competition a scam. SUgar Joans could easily have been in the top 3. I hope pharrell keeps working with her. SHe is a real natural talent. Doesnt say much for the show that they dumped her.


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    .Amazing talent that needs some imporvment in the judging !!!!..

    By RodMckenzie1, Nov 19, 2014

    This show is a joke its more about the ego of some of the judges to many talented people because the judges are picking and sending home talented singers!!.. the women Judges are more interested in male singers . the voters I don't know what planet they come from the winners no how much the judges rave about them they soon go into obscurity.. To many voters are voting for a judge more than the the last sing off 11/18/ 14 that young boy twitter vote he was off key no where near the talent of the women which

    Gwen begged the voters to vote for him and like little sheep the young girls did one of the worst votes in the history of the voice .. the only place this kid belongs is a boy group Ella Henderson from England was way back in the show in England now she is the number one in the country goes to show there voting record is worse there than the massive failures of our singing shows !!.. Its not going to change until part of the problem is the power of the judges it needs to take it out of there hands and let the voter pic who goes on to the final 12 if they want a more equal way for all singers. In spite of all these problems there is lots of amazing talent and that's why I watch the show,,moreless

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    Best Season Ever!

    By danicleland, Nov 05, 2014

    Gwen Stefani is so much better than Christina Aguilera and am disappointed she will not be back next year. Gwen and Pharrell are both really competitive, but just nice people. They fit in well with Adam and

    Blake and make the show better to watch this year.

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    Carson Daly Ruins the show

    By frenchlorrick, Oct 25, 2014

    I love everything about the show, but him. He is so stiff and unnatural on camera. What a poor host! He sticks to his cue cards so hard, he totally ignores what the coaches and singers are saying and barrels through with his lines. I wish he had the intelligence or wit to respond to the coaches' comments and synthesize briefly, rather than cut them off and move on to the next thing he's supposed to say. It's rude almost. I wish the producers would do something about it. Would have given the show a 10 but for him.moreless

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