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    This new show is rubbish

    By Stickycake, Jan 23, 2016

    Used to like the voice but Paloma majorly irritating and they are turning down great singers who can sing better than they can !!!!!!!

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    S09 - Only thing I didn't like was Gwen dramatically changing Korin to a Mini-Gwen.

    By ChicksHateMe, Jan 14, 2016

    I really liked Korin. Great voice and song choices with all her quirkiness. Then Gwen had to go change her appearances to look like a Mini-Gwen. I think she derailed the great track she was on, and changed her way too much from the person she once was. And not for the better. There's only one Gwen, and there WAS only one Korin. I hope Korin can get back on track. HER personal path was unique and promising.

    OK, one other thing. I think the show goes too far to the opposite extreme from American Idol originally was. I imagine a caricature of all the hosts with brown noses. There should be at least 10% to 20% negative criticism. Of course they probably figure it would hurt the bottom line on iTunes sales.

    That said, I think Gwen is an Awesome coach when it comes to coaching VOICES and I wish she was coming back. Far better than Cristina Aguilera and Slghtly better than Shakira. I feel Christina comes across as way too arrogant. I use to count how often she said "ME" or "MY". Gwen is better for the show, and the artists.

    As far as this season. To me, this season 9 has been awesome. SO much talent and Variety. I Loved so many;













    Blind Joe




    All with special voices that I could listen to over and over. Been to YouTube a few times for

    I stopped watching a few years ago, when Christina came back, so not sure how this season compared to that, but I really did like this season a lot and glad I jumped back on the Bandwagon. .moreless

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    Paloma is rubbish.

    By Jo88888, Jan 10, 2016

    Rubbish, biased and unfair. Paloma Faith is so bad - how did she ever become a judge? As judges, they should be bending over backwards to be fair to all. There were some good singers who were rubbished because they sang a musical theatre song! Someone should take Paloma Faith to the West End and let her see just how talented and hard working musical theatre performers are. Danny seemed embarrassed to be in the same show as the other judges. I won't be watching this show again.moreless

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    OH DEAR!

    By windowgo, Jan 09, 2016

    What a load of rubbish! Thought it was meant to be 'choose the best voice', not your favourite genre...

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    the voice

    By marjoriekent, Jan 09, 2016

    The new show is rubbish, the judges are supposed to nudge on the voice not the song. Paloma didn't like musical theatre she is not there to let her opinions on the song cloud her judgement on the song.

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    Flat Awful

    By Ttbshp, Jan 06, 2016

    Take Off Its Rigged and It Shows.

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    By dennyll43, Dec 16, 2015

    Cassidy Pope Really?

    Matt McAndrews and the other 2 on Adams team did not win last year? Really?

    Blake's hippy won? Really?

    Now, 2015 and Blake's last two, blondie and SWELLED HEAD think they should win? Really?

    I used to LOVE the voice until this Really!


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    By MusicLoverForReal, Nov 25, 2015

    It's hard to believe that no Black people got voted through to the top. Of all of the contestants in America, you mean to tell me, that they could not find ONE talented enough to make the top 10 or 12? Yes, I'm playing the race card because it is what it is. If you are the one black that Blake turns his chair for, do not pick him or you WILL go home! If you are not country, do not pick Blake or you will more than likely go home if it comes down to you or a country singer. I truly believe they cheat and put through who they want to put through and they don't select the good singers but the pretty, thin ones (male & femaie) who are at best AVERAGE! The only way Jordan got this far is because the boy can sing!!! There is no denying that fact! We all know that at least four of the best singers were sent home and they were all black. Not to mention all of the singers on the black judge's team, except Madi but again, you can't deny her talent either! It's just a shame! I used to like this show but I'm beginning to see it for what it That's why you don't hear about people after they leave the it's not about talent. It's about popularity and whose team you are on, not to mention, the color of your skin. Go back in time and see how many people on Blake's team have been black! Each season, he may pick one "token" black but I guarantee he sends them home very early!!! Yes, he had a winner in Season 2 but that's before the racism and cheating took over and became so evident. I'm so done! So done! I hope America protests this unfairness too because until they get some new perspective or new judges or new "counters", the show will continue to be rigged in favor of Blake & Adam. How is it that their contestants always or 9 times out of 10, make the cut. They are not that good (they -- the judges or the contestants) but it's because the show is rigged. Look at their faces when they are reading the results. I see GUILT and SHAME because they know, it's not FAIR!moreless

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    The voice

    By Blessbythebest2, Nov 24, 2015

    Don't like it any more they send the best singer home.

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  • 9.5


    By williamflane, Nov 24, 2015

    They need to go. I don't like.

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