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  • 8.0

    It's So Exciting!

    By ayonspritee, Apr 28, 2015

    It's Really Hard To Choose on Who Side To Pick !!

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  • 8.5

    Otis 2.0

    By AriSky, Jun 03, 2013

    The not-drop point screamed Otis 2.0, only this time it was Rick in Shane's position and Shane in Otis's. I knew before he came back that he wouldn't leave Shane behind, because Rick's hell-bent on being the good guy, on keeping his morality. They haven't reconciled by far, but I think Shane's been dealt with for a handful of episodes. As for Andrea... while I appreciate what her character brings, I'm ready to be rid of her. What she did was a wonderful example of how grey the world is, but that still doesn't mean she's a good person to have around.moreless

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    Rick and Shane

    By Lostforever, Mar 03, 2013

    Finally Rick and Shane had a falling out. It was long overdue and totally worth it. The zombie action was fun to watch. And then Rick saving Shane's ass was awesome.

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  • 7.5

    Why did they want to get rid of the kid?

    By LizR, Jan 01, 2013

    I'm confused here.. When Rick heard Herschel wanted the group off his land, he was stunned, couldn't understand why he would send them away. All (living) humans are in this together right? And now that's exactly what they are doing with Randall. He's just a kid, why do they consider him to be SUCH a threat that they feel they need to just leave him behind somewhere??

    Doesn't seem like something Rick would do...

    Why wouldn't they just let him in the group, I don't see the threat.......moreless

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  • 8.5

    2x10 - 18 Miles Out

    By JDML23, Oct 15, 2012

    Another episode that I enjoyed which just enough drama and plenty of action. I like that they're finally thinking of how to fight the walkers without just shooting them 'cause at some point ammunition will run out. I even liked how Andrea treated Beth regarding her wanting to die, after all she'd been there.

    The only thing I hated was Lori's attitude of 'Let the men face the danger and we'll keep house'. When you're in an apocalypse world, you sure as hell can't think that your priority is housework! That's freaking crazy. She has no cause to be passing judgement on Andrea for her survival mode. Argh. I've resisted saying anything negative about Lori but that scene just annoyed me to no end. And as much as I want there to be baby born, mostly for the shenanigans of trying to raise a child in zombie overrun world, I've now reached the point where I want Lori dead.moreless

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  • 8.5

    What did the zombie say after shaking hands? "Keep the tip."

    By lilmisstx, Mar 16, 2012

    Except for some zombie action and a would-be suicide, this episode really didn't move the story forward in any significant way.

    In fact, the only protagonists in this episode, were Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Jon Bernthal (Shane), Sarah Callies (Lori), Laurie Holden (Andrea), Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Herschel's blonde daughter and the guy they saved a couple of episodes ago. No one else (Dale, Glenn, Daryl, Carol, Carl, et. al.) were seen or heard from. Maybe they were enjoying some well-deserved time off.

    In any case, the action scenes, although well-executed, left me with the same thought that many of the zombie scenes in The Walking Dead leave me with: aren't they afraid of getting infected blood in any cavity, cut or gash? There's blood everywhere and close proximity a-plenty but I never see them too worried about that.


    Tonight especially, after Rick voiced his perplexity at not seeing any bites on the security guards, I wondered about this. Guess only time will reveal the mystery.

    And so, again, the story did not move forward in any significant way. It was however, still pretty decent, and satisfying enough.


    Oooh! I do have something to add :).

    Although not episode-specific, I want to know if Carol and Daryl will ever 'get together'. I think she is a beautiful woman and Daryl is hott. Their on-screen time together sizzles, and in general I think it would be good for both of them (Daryl needs a nurturing/caring female and Carol needs a strong man).

    C'mon Walking Dead writers! Go there!moreless

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  • 8.0

    They could've done better. But hey, it's better compared to most of the episodes this season

    By tigerdude22, Mar 12, 2012

    The situation between Shane and Rick come to a head while Maggie grows concerned for Glen's feelings due to freezing up during a firefight. After watching last week's episode having a lot of action, zombies, suspense, and thrills... I had hope that the next episode which is this one would be good. This episode was good plus the acting is actually improving for the characters but it could've done better. It definitely could've done worse so this episode was good enough to watch plus it was great. It was entertaining in some parts but the scenes Rick and Shane are awesome. The storyline was good for the most part and everything to where this episode was building up is starting to improve more. It still doesn't beat the standard that Season 1 had but yeah. Overall, this was a great episode of "The Walking Dead", no joke about it. 8/10moreless

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  • 9.5

    My Pros and Cons - "18 Miles Out"

    By Scully82, Mar 09, 2012

    What I Liked/Pros:

    A lot of good gore and zombies in this episode. At first you think the action will be minimal, but then boom it's everywhere and shows no signs of stopping. I love how they structured this episode.

    I loved the Rick, Shane and Randall scenes. Rick finally called Shane out about him and Lori, which he probably should have done a long time ago, like when he first found out! He told Shane the way it's got to be. Rick also said they need to be gathering supplies for winter and they need to be saving amo and using their knives more. Rick is totally stepping up as the leader of the group now, finally!!! Both Shane and Rick practiced using their knives on a couple of zombie cops that were behind this large chain link gate. Rick cut his finger and rubbed blood on the fence to distract the zombie and then he stabbed it in the head. This was cool and I liked how Rick twisted the knife in its head to make sure he destroyed the brain. Excellent!!!

    Things were already rough between Rick and Shane. More tension is added as we find out that Randall possibly knows about Maggie, Herschel and the farm. Shane then wanted to kill Randall, but Rick said no. That led to the Rick and Shane fight, which was a long time coming. Shane ended up throwing a wrench at Rick, which missed him and hit the glass window of a building behind him. Then surprise!!!(wait, not a surprise because of the preview clip) a bunch of zombies are awakened and start climbing out of the window. Nice!!! I loved the way the zombie hand came up at first behind the shard of broken glass. Now Rick, Shane and Randall have to fight a hungry horde of zombies.

    All the zombies poured out from the window and began chasing after Shane. Rick was down under the window and hid under the body of a slain zombie as they came out. Shane was trapped in a school bus with a pack of zombies beating at the door. He utilized Rick's trick and lured them in one zombie at a time. He rubbed his blood beside the bus door and as one zombie became distracted with the blood he'd stick his knife in its head.

    There was this amazing scene where Rick was pinned down on the ground by two dead zombies that he'd killed. Then another one comes and is clawing for Rick above these two dead zombies, the only things between Rick and this hungry zombie. The zombie can't reach Rick, and Rick can't reach the zombie with his gun, so he sticks the gun in the mouth of one of the dead zombies and he shoots and shoots and shoots until one of the bullets finally makes it through and kills the living zombie. Amazing!!! Best scene ever!!!

    Rick was totally prepared to leave Shane behind. Randall was saying there were too many zombies to take on and they should just leave. Briefly Rick saw a way to unload the problem of Shane. Shane's face when Rick was about to leave him had such a shocked expression. I felt sorry for Shane there. Then, as he and Randall were leaving, Rick sees the two cops that they'd put side by side in the grass and you could tell that he was recalling their partnership and friendship with each other. It turned him around and he snapped back and saved Shane. That was just perfect!!! I loved the way they busted in there and saved Shane. Randall was so cool after they saved him.

    I loved when they had the music blasting in Randall's ears so he couldn't hear and the way they used the cameras for Randall's point of view. Loved the scenes with Shane looking out the car window at a zombie just wandering in a field. It was perfect for the episode. The two songs were great. They made the visuals even better.

    The farm scenes were good. They started off simple as well. Beth was given a tray of food, and then when it was taken away Lori noticed the missing knife. We then find out that Beth wants to try and kill herself. I liked how they incorporated Andrea and her experience in with this. Andrea gave Beth a choice, to live or die. Beth tried to die, but in doing so discovered that she wanted to live. Andrea was excellent in this episode. Lori confronted Andrea about not doing her share of the house work like the rest of the girls. Then Andrea told Lori's ass off, which I loved.

    What I Didn't Like/Cons:

    I feel like they are going overboard with this whole Randall thing. Think about it logically, the people he was with left him for dead. Why would he go back to them? Especially since Rick and the others saved him.

    Lori, at first, wasn't bad in this episode. I was actually sort of warming up to her, but then she started saying all this stupid shit about Andrea not doing her part with the cooking and cleaning. She was saying Andrea was doing nothing by sitting on the RV watching the farm. Ok. Does that mean that this whole time Dale has been doing absolutely nothing up there on the RV? Why doesn't she confront him? Why doesn't she confront some of the men about not doing their share of the work? If what Lori is saying is true then why are any of them watching the perimeter for zombies? I guess Lori's just pissed because Andrea's tougher than her and less stupid. Lori is seriously stupid. Just because Andrea's a woman she should be doing the household chores? I guess I'm back to where I started with Lori. I keep trying to like her, but she just ends up doing or saying something stupid to make me hate her again. I'm actually surprised that she was smart enough to realize that Andrea was right about Beth trying to commit suicide. Why would Lori leave the house after she had just discovered that Beth was trying to kill herself? Why leave her alone after that? She could easily have gotten a knife or locked herself in the bathroom while Lori's stupid ass was running outside. You'd think she'd want to stay with her and make sure she didn't do anything to herself.

    Why the hell don't the men do any of the household work on the farm? Surely T-Dog and Dale could help out with these chores. They don't really do much else. And what does Carl do?

    Wouldn't the zombies in the building have heard Rick and Shane fighting, yelling, and making all that noise?

    They probably should have picked a different clip as a preview because it gave away a lot of the suspense. They put that clip at the start of the episode as well, so no matter how slow the episode was people already knew there would be a lot of zombies coming out of the building. The beauty is when you don't know the zombies are coming.


    Excellent episode. Both storylines had a clear plot to follow. Better than "Triggerfinger" and one of the best of season two!!!


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  • 9.0

    Stressful Living in the Zombie Apocalypse

    By Senemir, Mar 07, 2012

    I like how this episode's theme is bookended by the scene with the walker in the fields. There are a number of times in TWD where I can't help but cringe, feeling the emotional intensity in a scene to be a little forced upon the characters, but this episode was all right in this respect. In fact, it was great. The way Shane seemed like he was having a battle with himself in the car was really good stuff.

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    In Defense of Lori

    By jamesromano12, Mar 05, 2012

    A couple reviews have criticized Lori, but honestly, I think the blonde girl was worse. She's following Shane and his fucked up philosophy, and while at the end, she did sort of do a good thing, I still think Lori's points were legit. I mean, yes, she should be allowed to do whatever she wants, but seeing as they're going back to a more animal times, I can also see going back to more primitive roles

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