Should I Watch Season 4?

By Ian281099

Oct 14, 2013

I remember when I first saw The Walking Dead, I was hooked from that stellar first episode that proved that a zombie TV show could also work as good drama. But as the show continued no episode has been on par with the first, sometimes bordering into a mediocre level.

The third season finale left me really disappointed, and wondering if I should go on with the series. I'm having doubts if I should even start this season. 'Cause frankly this is how I remember the last two seasons: Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead. "Rick, we've got a problem, we ran out of carrots." *Rick goes into crazy mode and he gets a call from his dead wife, while zombies do nothing in the background, and a cartoon pirate decides to attack the group and than decide that he is not a cartoon.

Based on season four's premiere many people will be saying that the show is back on track, but the quality of one episode cant stay the same for one season. I've heard some of the things ┬źnew┬╗ showrunner Mr. Gimple has said, and they all sound promising. But my problem is with how AMC deals with the show: 16 episodes per season, firing showrunners...
I'm willing to stick with one more season but how should I approach it: start watching the season based on Mr. Gimple's promises, wait and give it a four episode test, or should I take my time and wait for the season to be over.
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  • nimd4 Oct 29, 2013

    Doesn't even matter.. This show now just streams on the spare monitor, while I'm doing something else. Basically it's over *and* I've given up any hope I had left of what the first season hinted in some moments, here and there, what the story and the show could be like.

  • Blooner Oct 18, 2013

    I have all the same feelings as you with regards to the first seasons.
    However, I really liked S04E01 and am optimistic about this season.
    There's no hurry though. You might as well wait four eps and then see what people tell you.

  • prowly Oct 15, 2013

    It sounds like you've already made up your mind? If you say you can't judge a season by one episode, then you should be able to watch each episode based on its own merit--and episode 1 was pretty good.

    You're obviously not done with the series, or else you wouldn't be posting on here. Just do like you would any other show - watch until you get to the point where it's not worth it for you. That's how it was with me and Revolution. I had high hopes for it, but finally called it quits about 6 episodes in. Despite Tim's glowing review of the season 2 premiere, I couldn't bring myself to give it another chance. I haven't looked back.

  • Ian281099 Oct 14, 2013

    Sorry, that poll was supposed to be at the bottom.

  • patsully Oct 14, 2013

    Fixed it for you!