The New Walking Dead Poster Has Some Advice for Carl

By Tim Surette

Jan 02, 2014

All you "OMG Spoilers!" complainers, consider this your warning: There be spoilers for The Walking Dead: The TV Show below, so if you aren't up to date and you scroll down, it's your own fault. Now that that's out of the way...

The Walking Dead returns for Part Deux of Season Quatre on Sunday, February 9, and now you have something to hang on your wall to remind you of that fact, because AMC has released a digital poster. And it looks like this:

That's Rick and Carl off on their own in the aftermath of the mayhem at the prison that saw the Governor and Hershel (Whyyyyyyyy!?!?!?!?) killed off, Lizzie showcasing her shootin' skills, a pool of blood where Judith used to be, and Daryl slam-dunking a grenade into a tank snout. But the real takeaway from all that was the split-up of the survivors due to a sudden surge of zombies into the prison grounds. Rick and Carl managed to escape on their own, and if you've read the comics then you know they don't end up at a Sandals resort. But what they do encounter next is almost as bad. 

The poster also offers a bit of advice: "Don't look back." And of course the poster captures Carl right in the middle of possibly looking back, because this kid just does not follow instructions. As long as we're giving Carl some advice, how about this version of the poster?

What advice doYOU have for Carl? 

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 9 at 9pm on AMC, just like the poster says.

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  • Trident Jan 25, 2014

    Talk about overreaching. There is no spoiler whatsoever in the poster.
    And if there is, then here is another one.
    The walking on tracks. Get it? They're on the right track, or maybe the wrong one.
    Or maybe the juxtaposition between Carl and Rick that shows Carl as bigger is a spoiler for Carl growing up.
    So how easy it is to read into things?

  • PaulKennedy Jan 06, 2014

    i wonder if rick will lose his hand like in the comic, probably not as the governor chopped it off and hes dead now even though didnt officially see him killed just a sword through him and then that chick aiming a gun at him then it panned away then heard a shot but hey who knows maybe she shot a zombie then helped him stagger away, it just seems his death was not gruesome enough which has got me guessing if maybe hes still alive

  • PaulKennedy Jan 06, 2014

    there have been times when carl has saved a few people from not doing as he is told, i think he has ranked up abit to not be treated like a kid too much in the series, carol had it right in teaching survival skills to the children and it paid off in the last episode

  • PaulKennedy Jan 06, 2014

    my advise to carl is look wherever u like as staring straight ahead is not going to cover your back when a walker is creeping up on you

  • ohnoron Jan 04, 2014

    "You should've stayed with Darryl"

    Seriously, that's who I'd be sticking close to. He keeps people alive, unlike Rick... Maybe it should say "You're next, Carl"!

  • samlawson31 Jan 04, 2014

    Omg I cant wait until the new season!!!! In the meantime I think I am going to watch all the episodes over again!!

  • Marburg66 Jan 03, 2014

    My advice to Carl:
    Drive angry!

  • rydoggy99 Jan 03, 2014

    i think carl should look back incase a train is coming and he needs to move.

  • Faithin1 Jan 03, 2014

    A homemade silencer only works once, Carl (writers)

  • gizma1982 Jan 03, 2014

    I am too excited about next episodes ! I was reading some writer's comments and they say some of the characters may never get together again !!

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