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    i used to love this show, it used to be a 9

    By spartakarls, 2 days ago

    I find season five a real struggle to watch, i really need to find the mood. After 5 seasons the story isnt going anywhere, it just keeps repeating, kill zombie, kill other people, move from place to place, find food, someone dies, everybody else is out to get you, kill more zombies. repeat. The only part of the story that seems to evolve is the make-up effects to make the zombies more disgusting. It's just so

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    it wont play

    By BreaghMarie, 3 days ago

    Why the hell it don't play ?????

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    Watch finale!!!!

    By andrejjkrneta, Mar 25, 2015

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    By Mella22, Mar 24, 2015

    The BEST TV SHOW EVER!!! Love you all guys!!!! Keep going and never stop!!! :)

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    Best Show Ever

    By ashv2000, Mar 19, 2015

    I cannot express my love for this show. I've seen every episode multiple times and I feel as though the characters are my family. I go back and watch previous seasons and feel as though I'm watching home videos. The actors are always perfect and so impressive. I get so attached to their charcters, every time someone dies, I always get so upset knowing they won't be on the show anymore. It isn't just blood and guts like it is said to be, there is relationships and family problems, and fights. I don't know how anyone could ever dislike this show.moreless

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    wwqwwqwww best show ever

    By ryanguerrero123, Mar 09, 2015

    best show ever best show ever best show ever best show ever best show ever best show everbest show ever best show ever best show ever best show ever best show ever best show ever

    rating is beyond 10 but whatever

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    Did they change writers??

    By HookedOnWD, Mar 09, 2015

    This season has been very different from the previous seasons. It almost seems like they changed writers. The show use to be then this season came on and it's just not as well written as before. For this past episode, I just couldn't believe that Rick would hit on a married woman. The thing with Shane and Lori affected Rick deeply, so it's just not believable to me that he would throw his ethics out the window just because the woman gave him a haircut. I mean, how much interaction has he had with this woman? In previous seasons, they would have given it some time and showed how the relationship developed to lead him to compromise his ethics, but this man can change at the snap of a finger.moreless

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    By Gamagoat, Mar 03, 2015

    Perhaps I'm missing something? They killed off Bob Stokey, who was a young black male with a partial medical background and obvious personnal problems. Then, almost immediately, they replaced him with Noah. Noah is a young black male with a partial medical back ground and obvious personnal problems. What is the point of cloning Bob?

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    My personal view

    By Cadd-9, Mar 02, 2015

    I have been binge watching almost 5 seasons in 3 weeks, but I stop now and I try to comprehend what I saw:

    This is not a bad series, nor is it a very good one. I really like the post-apocalyptic landscape around Atlanta. Tim Surette mentioned it a couple of times in his reviews. I like most of the characters, especially Rick, Beth and Carol. This show partly focuses on the background and their development throughout this whole incident. But I guess it would have been nice to see, what the people did before Zombies break loose. Some characters mention their early lifes . the Governeur, who said he was a family man and a loser in his job...

    Another point: I really would like to know if this all is set free via a virus or is it magic and they are Undead. It would be very good for me to know for my perspective! Hints were given all the time, like severed heads are still biting. In this case even the ugliest virus couldnt do this ;)

    But in S1E6 when the group entered the CDC-building it was said otherwise, whatever

    Nevertheless, the best of this show is the focus on how fragile the human mind is, how people can change in the face of death and start to kill others, or eat them, or cultivate zombies ... So i think this show earns a solid 7.

    Btw: Loving those gay-hater comments underneath this one, so funnymoreless

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    ruining the show !!!!

    By lotrucker, Mar 02, 2015

    there is not 1 guy that watches this show wants to see some gay, *** , or what ever kissing each other. i don't care how much i love watching this show. i will stop for sure. i have not missed a single show from the beginning. last week show rating !!! 1

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