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    despite the weak finale - can't wait for the return in fall

    By LNB-1337, 3 days ago

    The finale of the 4th season was abrupt and dissatifying. The whole show though is very good, entertaining, and offers a very deep and interesting character development. Everyone who can wrap their head around a world wide zombie scenario will love this show and the near realistic setting and story line. Especially the strong characters are convincing and breathe life into the story. It should be 10 points for season 1-3 but a few little weak bumps in the 4th seasons story development justify the loss of 0.5 points. I really hope this show lasts for a few more seasons.moreless

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    You all Seem to OVER ANALYZE!!!!

    By scarlet54, Apr 10, 2014

    It's a show which is meant to entertain & take people away from the realities of every day life.

    I love TWD and the cast, each season seems to get more and more intense.

    STOP taking every episode and analyzing the crap out of it, it's fantasy not reality and if you're going to disect it to pieces then STOP watching it and let those of us who truly appreciate TWD and the great characters and special effects ENJOY the show!!! :)moreless

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    Terrible Season Finale

    By MSC1313, Mar 31, 2014

    With the exception of a handful of episodes I am so damn tired of the writers drawn out character transformation of Rick. After an entire season of wandering aimlessly struggling with manic depression somehow Rick miraculously transforms inside of 1 day back to the old "kick ass and take names" Rick of the past? What a waste of a season. The writers are obviously relying heavily upon their assumed ignorance of the fan base and our obvious inability to follow a more realistic story line. And what the hell is up with Mr. Mullet scientist? Really? would take him seriously any day.moreless

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  • 4.0

    Terrible Finale

    By sfackerell, Mar 31, 2014

    what about Beth, And Carol and doesn't ask about Judith first thing and Maggie doesn't ask about Beth fist ... I think we may be looking at a Hero's type future.

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  • 6.5

    Rare Gems and The Suspension of Disbelief.

    By Upslider, Mar 31, 2014

    I only started watching TWD 4 days ago, and I'm half way through season 4 now. I have only a few opinions to share, not that my opinions are worth the time it will take to write them, but that's the beauty of having opinions.

    1. The Apocalypse Is Enough.

    My main problem with this show is simple: It's an apocalypse. With zombies. Seriously, it isn't made more interesting by the shallow self-inflicted drama the writers keep throwing in, and they seem to have a REALLY low opinion of women in general. In almost every episode, or at the very least in every detour the show takes over a few episodes, there's whole chunks of screen time given to utterly inane drama that is so irrelevant and unbelievable that I truly think most of these characters are too selfish, short-sighted and stupid to have survived as long as they have.

    I spent more than half of Lori and Andrea's screen time yelling "Just kill her!" at my screen, and cheered in both instances when they died. The writers have made me hate half the surviving human beings altogether... if that was their intention then my hat is off to them, but I suspect it was not. In fact, according to this show, there's only one rule for surviving a zombie apocalypse: immediately kill all the women that the zombies haven't killed already. This will extend your lifespan immeasureably.

    Solution: Add more emotional 'music video' scenes if your episode isn't filled with enough actual story to meet the time slot requirement. Just cut out the soap opera entirely!

    Perfect example: 35 minutes into episode 13 of season 3. Both sides driving back to their respective camps after the big pow-wow between Rick and the Govenor, followed by each side's 'character revelation' as they discuss and plan their next moves. It's set to an amazing song (Fink - Warm Shadow) and it is very powerful. It carries the whole episode.

    2. World's Worst Veterans.

    The second, but arguably more valid issue with this show is the utterly (and I mean Completely! Totally! Utterly!) unbelievable way the characters can only fight as well as the short term plot requires for any given scene.

    For example, when they first take the prison at 10 minutes into episode 1 season 3 , there are less than ten of them against anywhere from fifty to a hundred walkers, yet they clear the place in an afternoon. It is even remarked upon by the prisoners later... but after the outer fence is breached during the attack by Woodbury they are incapable of retaking the area despite having more people, more weapons and a safe base from which to operate.

    Michonne can cut her way through 20 zombies in 30 seconds whenever it pleases her, yet she gets taken down by just three of them 12 minutes into episode 2 of season 4... all so we can have a little bit of drama with Carl having to use a gun again to save her. It's cheap theatrics, and it only makes the next awesome fight scene completely unbelievable. Throughout the show they keep getting taken down by their own ineptitude, only to be saved at last second in some dramatic fashion.

    I've seen almost every one of the lead characters make a running headshot at 30 feet with a handgun, yet during the attack by Woodbury on the prison at 35 minutes into episode 10 of season 3, it takes something ridiculous like a hundred rounds from three people before someone manages to hit a stationery and silhouetted guy on top of the watchtower using scoped rifles and assault weapons!

    In the scene that Rick and Carl defend the courtyard from the wave of walkers that come through the fence at 35 minutes into episode 5 of season 4, how many did the two of them kill? They had no more skill, experience or hardware then than they did at other times, yet whole groups of these expert killers have been chased down and almost beaten by tiny packs of walkers, supposedly leaving you breathless with the suspense of how close they live to the very edge of death. The only reason I am breathless is from vehemently cursing at the show's failure to suspend my disbelief.

    Solution: Give the survivors some credibility by killing non essential characters when they make stupid mistakes or bad calls, but stop making us feel like the leads are only alive by chance and circumstance. They're a year or more into an apocalypse for heaven's sake!

    3. See No Zombie, Hear No Zombie.

    Finally, the extremely cheap suspense the writers try to eke out of having a zombie sneak up on, for example, Beth in the woods after the escape from the prison or Andrea in the woods heading for the prison after escaping Woodbury is so badly written it hurts my brain. Experienced hunters can sneak through woods. Ninjas can sneak through woods. Hell, I could probably sneak through woods if I was slow and patient. Zombies? No.

    Zombies cannot sneak, they cannot even detect and avoid spikes, pits or ANYTHING at all between them and their next meal. Any human being that fails to detect a zombie coming at them through the woods until said zombie is close enough to grab at them needs to die immediately and horribly for being so very very bad at what HAS to be the easiest part of surviving an apocalypse: hearing a brain dead walking corpse staggering through noisy terrain in your direction while groaning and breathing heavily.

    Solution: Raise the minimum IQ requirement of your target demographic by 15 points.

    So, why do I watch this show? For one reason only... small gems of brilliance that speak to something primal inside of me, and leave me squarely and believably smack in the middle of the most terrifying future imaginable: a world gone to hell, hunted by an implacable enemy that will never stop, fighting for survival at every step with very little of anything but shock, horror and loss in between, but all the more precious when it is found.

    If only those gems weren't quite so rare.moreless

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    By taryndodson3, Mar 28, 2014


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  • 6.5

    It's not the Walking Dead, it's this show is almost dead.

    By Annare1959, Mar 23, 2014

    Will someone do something to save what was once a great show. I understand the series is trying to "set up" to the reunion but its been so slow this season that I could come close to saying it has reached boring. But before I go there, let me acknowledge that each episode has had a twist and a few minutes making it redeemable. However, I pray they get back to the original shows where the entire hour was nail biting, hair pulling on the edge of your seat worth watching. Sorry Mika died, it would have been more intense if the struggle would have been shown and Mika ended up having to kill her sister but as it was it was worthy of the past seasons. I am sick of each of the parties dragging on and on, I am sick of hearing Maggie whine, Carol being so superior and sure of herself and most of all I am sick of not seeing Rick. Come on producers give us back our show and make the storyline what it used to be. We can not continue to admire and look forward to the show if you drag it out like this. .moreless

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    By abbygrys, Mar 16, 2014

    i love it

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    You would also choose a house instead of the woods, wouldn't you ;)

    By maxon1303, Mar 10, 2014

    Dear film crew - location, location, location - we are all full now, of THAT road, THAT rail road track and THOSE woods. Human logic - no one would ever ever ever ever sleep in the open in the woods under the circumstances ! Didn't you learn that in s01 and s02, with your rediculous "tent fetish".

    You have such a good premise with the show. Please give the characters - if nothing else - just an average human intelligence ;) and let them laugh once in a while (of their own tragic situation maybe)

    You can do even better....moreless

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