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    By AkashNandi, Jul 18, 2015

    Please, Anyone can tell me a site or provide me a link to download or to watch walking dead season 5 all episode? ......

    It would be a great

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    This show really is the Walking Dead, it used to be a good show

    By spartakarls, Jul 07, 2015

    I find season five a real struggle to watch, i really need to find the mood. After 5 seasons the story isnt going anywhere, it just keeps repeating, kill zombie, kill other people, move from place to place, find food, someone dies, everybody else is out to get you, kill more zombies. repeat. The only part of the story that seems to evolve is the make-up effects to make the zombies more disgusting. It's just so monotonous....

    update: i just couldnt finish season 5, i got 3 episodes in then deleted the rest of the season. I'm not even gonna bother watchin even 5 min of the upcoming spin off show. A great show that turned into complete and utter horse shitmoreless

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    Jake VomGruberhouse makes his apperances

    By brocozzy, Jun 05, 2015

    keepup the close eye for Jake aka Ozzy he mad a quick shot past season and is scheduling upcoming shows keep out a look for the Nations top Rottweiler in action still on the big screen

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    Reason why you shouldn't watch

    By andywang3726, Apr 25, 2015

    This show really offends a person's logic and by that I mean it goes way beyond of suspending your disbelief in order to create an episode. Many times in the show they create something new contradicting to their previous storyline. For example the attack lead by the Governor with the tank with a new group of people on the prison in season 4. Why did the people not question him of why he wants to attack a prison? Then during the encounter between Rick and Governor at the Prison, why didn't Rick mention he killed all those civilians from Woodbury and that the whole thing was his fault? Surely then the people he's with will question his intent.

    At season 5, I feel the story isn't going anywhere. What I really don't like where this show is heading is that when the show comes to an eventual end, you'll get this crap feeling you've wasted all this time just for this. It doesn't give that incredible feeling in each episode as if you've been treated to something grandeur and spectacular, a gift that should be rewarded to it's valued viewers who wait out each week just to see the next one episode. It's really like the series Lost, the show will always continue as long as they're squeezing every penny out of the broadcasters.

    If you still choose to watch it, then best you realise now that this show will not hold value to those who only want the best and who will not want their mind filled with ambiguity. If you have ventured further like myself, then you will know like most shows that survive, it has an addictive factor. Hence I find myself to have dwelled too deep to let go, though by far it's not one of those stellar series out there.moreless

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    The WALKING DEAD Phenomenon. To be always.

    By AlexBalderas, Apr 02, 2015

    Whoever gonna write a review. Or is reading this. I'll rate this a 10/10 because the walking dead is a Phenomenon. A tradition. To people wacthing the show. The walking dead is set for 12 seasons maybe more. But I'll be wacthing. #TWD10

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    it wont play

    By BreaghMarie, Mar 26, 2015

    Why the hell it don't play ?????

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    By Mella22, Mar 24, 2015

    The BEST TV SHOW EVER!!! Love you all guys!!!! Keep going and never stop!!! :)

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    Best Show Ever

    By ashv2000, Mar 19, 2015

    I cannot express my love for this show. I've seen every episode multiple times and I feel as though the characters are my family. I go back and watch previous seasons and feel as though I'm watching home videos. The actors are always perfect and so impressive. I get so attached to their charcters, every time someone dies, I always get so upset knowing they won't be on the show anymore. It isn't just blood and guts like it is said to be, there is relationships and family problems, and fights. I don't know how anyone could ever dislike this show.moreless

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    wwqwwqwww best show ever

    By ryanguerrero123, Mar 09, 2015

    best show ever best show ever best show ever best show ever best show ever best show everbest show ever best show ever best show ever best show ever best show ever best show ever

    rating is beyond 10 but whatever

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    Did they change writers??

    By HookedOnWD, Mar 09, 2015

    This season has been very different from the previous seasons. It almost seems like they changed writers. The show use to be then this season came on and it's just not as well written as before. For this past episode, I just couldn't believe that Rick would hit on a married woman. The thing with Shane and Lori affected Rick deeply, so it's just not believable to me that he would throw his ethics out the window just because the woman gave him a haircut. I mean, how much interaction has he had with this woman? In previous seasons, they would have given it some time and showed how the relationship developed to lead him to compromise his ethics, but this man can change at the snap of a finger.moreless

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