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    season finale

    By catnumber1961, 2 hours ago

    Very disappointed ,when are they going to stop showing groups that don't care about finding out the cause of the virus, its time to get to Washington DC , too many new characters that just don't get it ,are they blind do they not see the Zombies all over the place, why are they living fighting each other, too many stupid characters, the weak must die, the strong will survive and get answers. I want to see more Zombie killing and progress moving ahead, its been 6 years now, the Zombie movies make more sense. If it going to be the same old obstacles ,stupid people and no progress , I'm done!moreless

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    Sadly Disappointed!!

    By Calsylv, 2 days ago

    Season 6 has disappointed me to the point I don't know if I will watch after the mid season break. Episodes 1-6 have been slow and filled with more commercials than actual showtime. I have actually fallen asleep in 2 episodes. The whole Glen thing has been very unfair to long time fans. Also putting Badlands in between TWD and TTD is a bad move. I no longer watch TTD and I definitely don't watch Badlands. I no longer look forward to what was once my very favorite show!moreless

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    TWD S6 episode 5

    By JesusCollazo, Nov 09, 2015

    The show has been pretty cool until now this new season has been pretty boring except episode 4 it was pretty nice

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    walking dead season 6

    By RileyLawlor, Nov 02, 2015

    So far, finishing episode 4. This has to be the worst season of The Walking Dead. I hate how slow the show is moving and opening entire episodes of learning about the characters past. When it could have been done in 6 mins. This has been one of my favorite shows for a long time. I officially erased it from my DVR list this morning.

    moving on....

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    walking dead

    By RobertCannaday, Nov 01, 2015

    Awesome show!

    I Love watching the show with my family we all like it so much. Please keep this show going we will watch forever! FYI I will stop watchig as soon as you put two guys kissing on this show!

    T Y:-)

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    Glenn 2.0

    By Bujemi, Oct 29, 2015

    So about the Glenn misdirection dilemma. Is he dead? Yes! Is he alive? Sure why not. Can he be both? Absolutely.

    One of the best things about this show is the character oppression. It dosen't matter how morally dignified you are, sooner or later the principles, the ethics, the righteousness will collapse and what was once You will be no more.

    The once angelic law abiding Rick is dead, current Rick is a crazy people discriminating death moderator. I think that it will be very hard soon for Rick to se the difference between him and lets say the Governor. The once lovely mother and wife Carol is also dead, current Carol can only be described as some expedient blend between Judge Judy and Rambo.

    And Daryl, well is Daryl.

    So Yes! the Glenn we once new should be dead. Because it dosen't feel fair for him to live on, and we don't want another Beth debacle. So next week! We should see a Glenn 2.0! For me it is obvious that the whole Nicholas storyline was a cunstruct to enable a Gleen more sutied to his surroundings.

    A broken down emotionally comatose aggresive hardhitting eager beaver that needs to live on until an even more brutal and barbarous death.

    Let's hope for this!moreless

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    The show 10-25-15

    By JanieBruce4567, Oct 28, 2015

    I feel your bringing TWD to an end which I hate. I hope Glenn didn't die as he was so honest and I wanted to see him and Maggie have a baby. I hope you did not kill him off as I hope the blood and guts was from his friend blowing his brains out and Glenn scremming was his attempt to push himself under the garbage dump. Please please don't let Genn be dead. I have lost many nights of sleep over this last nightmare. As for Rick let him throw the bodies out for the dead to eat and he lots himself in the bathroom or under the folding couch. Glenn, Rich, Mishone, Daryl, Maggie and the lady thats so good my mind gone blank and the rest of the group need to bring things under control so they can live peacefully behind the walls and then bring it to an end. Once again I begged you don't let Glenn be dead he's to good of an actor through the whole show. As for Rich's injury on his hand let it pass please his son needs him and his daughter. His son to young at this time to take over. Beth should have never died. That was a shocher an a downer. Please Listen To My Request! !!

    Keep TWD going I love this show and can't wait until next Sunday ITS GREAT!!!moreless

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    By AutumnLighty8442, Oct 26, 2015

    I fucking hate Nicholas, He's the reason why Glenn died... Nicholas can go die in a hole...

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    By TiaTia2983, Oct 26, 2015

    I hope Glenn didn't die because of that

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    Better Than It Ever Was

    By huxley, Oct 24, 2015

    I'm knocked out by Season 6. I thought the premiere was excellent but Episode 2, "JSS", sailed right on past it.

    The characters are well-developed yet retain mystery as to where their arcs are leading them. In addition to the gore and action, the show confronts the big questions about what it means to be human and from there how humans should organize themselves, especially in survival conditions.

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