The Star

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    When a meteorite falls through the Baldwin sister's home, Zeb decides he's going to die. Also, the Baldwin's cousin tries to convince them the Recipe maker is evil and he should take it off their hands.

    By OldShowzFinatic, Apr 06, 2008

    A very strange episode indeed. I don't understand how Zeb would think a falling star would mean he has to die, and he thinks that same thing in numerous other episodes (all before season 7 of course)It's funny when John confronts his dad and calls him weak. But that doesn't do anything, until of course he tells him that the Baldwins are giving away their recipe maker, making him some how totally rejuvenated and he races to stop the evil cousin from stealing the bootleg (but don't tell the Baldwins that it's bootleg!). I sorta recamend this episode~ Old Shows Finatic.moreless

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